JC Penney Company / online ordering farce

2018-1285-8064-9338 order submitted 5/8/18
I ordered this product and immediately rec'd a confirmation email telling me my order was in progress. After about 12 days (you say 5-7 business days for delivery), I called customer service to be told it had shipped and should be at the store. I went to the store and they said it wasn't there but checked in the back anyway with no success. They advised they would have another delivery that weekend. Back I go again today, 3 weeks after the order was placed to be told the same thing. I asked them to call the "catalogue place" they kept referring to which they did. Only to come back and tell me that my item was out of stock when I ordered it, is still out of stock, and they have no idea when it will be back in stock. Not only have I wasted 3 weeks and 2 full lunch hours on this fiasco, but I am now out of a product that is part of a treatment plan i've been taking for 3 months with no immediate place to purchase it. I was told I couldn't cancel it but I wouldn't be charged until it eventually is delivered and then I can cancel it. Really poor show jcp!! If something is out of stock, don't sell it on your website and don't confirm the order is in progress. I've had the runaround and wasted a lot of time and effort.

May 29, 2018

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