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I bought a mattress and box spring online at JC Penney's around January 16th. It was my understanding that it would take 2 to 3 weeks for it to arrive. I received a notice from JC Penney about a 13 days after the order that the items had been shipped. I understood that they probably had to be shipped to a deliver place and then they would be scheduled to be delivered to our home. I called JC Penney after I received that email to check on the shipment and if I could schedule a deliver date. I was told by a JC Penney Rep. that I could call the delivery company and schedule the deliver date. She gave me the number, so I called. When I talked to the deliver company I was told they would call me for a delivery later on that day. I did not receive a call that day, so I called back to JC Penney's the next day to let them know I did not receive a delivery call. At that time I was told that my items were in and they should be contacting me with a delivery date so she forwarded me to the delivery company again. I was told again that I would receive a call later that day and the person I talked to at the delivery service told me he would check back with me tomorrow to make sure I received a call. I still did not receive a call. I think I waited another few days and I called JC Penney's again to try to find out what was going on with my order. I was never told my items were not received at the warehouse or ready to be delivered. I was told my mattress was there and that I could call for a delivery date. When I called Non-Stop Delivery using the number given to me by JC Penney, I was never told my mattress and box spring was not in their warehouse yet. This went on for another 7 days of trying to figure out what was going on with my order. No matter who I called I got the same story, that I would receive a phone call with the delivery date. I got to the point where I didn't want to deal with JC Penney or Non Stop Delivery anymore so my husband called. He talked to someone at JC Penney that told him the mattress and box spring hasn't been received at the Kentucky warehouse yet. Why was he told something totally different that what I was told? If I would have been told that I would have understood. Instead I kept being told I would receive calls that I never received. I even had them check on if the mattress was there, they never told it wasn't. We finally received a delivery call three weeks after I ordered my mattress. At that time I was told a delivery day, Feb. 19th but then I was told they would call me the day before delivery to give me a time window. I never received that call. I had to call the morning of the delivery day to find out when my mattress would be delivered. This whole issue was very frustrating. I will never buy furniture from JC Penney again. It just wasn't worth it. JC Penney is responsible for what they are telling their customers and what their delivery company is telling their customers. This not good business and customers can shop other places. I would have probably received my mattress and box spring sooner and not had to deal with the frustration I felt in dealing with JC Penney customer service and Non Stop Delivery customer service.

Feb 26, 2018
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  • Da
      Apr 07, 2018

    I'm facing the same issue... So many wasted hours on the phone with them.

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  • Ra
      Sep 27, 2018

    @Dawn Deezle I am facing a similar issue, they dropped a couch and they left all of the wood attached/screwed on the base of it. I called non stop delivery, no resolution yet.

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  • Pi
      Apr 19, 2019

    @Dawn Deezle I'm going through the same issue and the worst thing it is the Jcpenney do not help at all it is like after they get your business they don't care about all the hassle the customers we going through
    Someone has to be able to help and protect our rights as a customers
    Jcpenney it's worthless no 👎 wonder why they going down hell on their sales

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  • Pi
      Apr 19, 2019

    @Ray Maldonado The worst of the worst customer service
    Please people read and believe reviews before you go through all this hassle for nothing
    It's way better companies like rooms to go for furniture and mattresses don't buy it at Jcpenney horrible delivery service

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