Jack In The Box / service

on 11/22/16 I went to the jack in the box on webb chapel rd. and royal ln. and I wait for around 20 minutes before someone took my order by drive thru, after the order was take it fine and the food was correct, the only thing is the cashier forgot the straws so l try to get inside the dinning room but it was closed, in front was two cashiers and they look at me when l knock the door and they ignore me so l knock again the door and the don't even look to the door so l knock hard and one of the cashier opens the door and ask me what can l do for you so I told him that I only need some straws and it is no reason for nobody to ignore the costumer no matter what, that was rude and it is not fair; that is why there are working there to provide costumer service all the time . my solution to the problem is the managers need to speak to their employees about respect and do not ignore people no matter what
thank you very much

Nov 22, 2016

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