iTunes-Apple / idiotic design

United Kingdom

Itunes is for the most part an excellent programme that works well and has high quality with a nice user interface, however there are several parts of it that are simply design flaws and are ranging from slightly irritating to genuinely infuriating. My specific complaint is that my iTunes decided to uninstall itself from my computer, not a big issue because I can just re install it and now it works fine. BUT, in the process I lost all of my playlists as well as album artwork, play count, rating etc. This also would not be a problem were it for 2 things: 1) I have over 2600 songs, so doing anything with them takes a very, very long time, and 2) When I plug my ipod touch (2nd gen) in, it says something along the lines of "you cannot have a device synced to more than one library", well it IS the same library, it's even the same library playlist, it's also on the same account, on the SAME computer. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. So this is my complaint, why the hell does it have to delete everything from my ipod and retry. It means I have lost all data related to music, any files saved on my ipod (app memories etc.) are gone, and as I use a pc, cannot be replaced. This is not a bug, this is an out right design flaw. When 99.99% of the data on the ipod is the same as the computer it SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GET RID OF ALL OF MY DATA. It is simply ###ic, and not to mention scummy. I understand this is to prevent the sharing of music but there are many alternatives that would work just as well. This is simply the stupidest problem I could have with iTunes and I think the programmer/middle management that put this function in place should be ashamed/fired. It is really pitiful that such a giant and effective, not to mention successful and brilliant company like Apple would design something so profusely idiotic. Just pitiful.

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