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I signed up with iPAGE and paid them a total of US$126.76 on 29 March 2010 after reading on their intro page that they are affordable, dont tie customers up and most importantly "if unhappy in whatever way, 30 Days moneyback guarantee, 100% refund if cancel within 30 days+ easy to build free website builder tools

However, after 10 torturing hours and I still cant understand how to use their tools to build a website, I decided to cancel my a/c and hire a local web company instead to do everything for me.

The chatline operator told me that there will be a non refundable of US$15 and the rest will be refunded to me.

But when i look at my latest credit card statement i m shocked to receive a bbill of US$99.79.

iPAGE has charged $126.76 on 29mar and only refund me USD27 on 31 Mar!

I then contacted the billing dept who insist that they only refund hosting fees, add on services are non refundable!!

The guy also keep stressing on their "its all under our Terms and Conditions"

I felt really cheated and shortchanged. Because on their main website they do not have a column of terms n condions nor do they made it clear that theres no refund other than hosting charges.

For a IT idiot like me, I just follow their sign on procedure which auto includes all these so call add on services into my cart, i dont even have aoption to opt out as it will have red markings to warn me of the 'consequences'. Moreover all the services are calculated on a 12months basis, not one month or 3months.

I also wont get to use any of the services after my cancelling the a/c so how can iPAGE be so unreasonable and greedy to rip an innocent consumer off this way??

I feel this is outright robbing in a legal way.

Please, if anyone concern can help or advise me where to seek redress or complaint against iPAGE so that this Co cannot cheat other consumers any more hard earn money$$ and to refund me the full amount as promised on their website.

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  • Bv
      2nd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hello sir

    IPAGE - tech support office, Mangalore, INDIA
    Near Kings Park Layout, Mary Hills Kavoor Post, Mangalore 575015, Karnataka INDIA
    any persons have problems and facings issues with affiliate commissions, shared hosting plans, domain, credit card charges, please visit the above ipage address physically

    INSTANTLY solved by ipage

    here i given another more information about IPAGE BAD WORKS
    so visit again

  • Bv
      2nd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    IPAGE -
    Near Kings Park Layout,
    Mary Hills Kavoor Post,
    Mangalore 575015,
    Karnataka INDIA IS 100% SCAM Company .

    Ipage ready to taken work BUT not ready to PAY OUR COMMISSIONS

  • Be
      21st of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    I tried for a month and thought it was free trial, but they charged minimum 2 years. Since 2 years subscription only $43, I didn't waste the time to argue. I never used it and forget about it after 2 months. But after 2 years, and my domain has expired, they charged again for $285 for automatic renewal. When I called, they said default option automatic renewal. I have never seen such option, specially outrages subscription fee. This is a scam! I disputed through my credit card company and waiting for result.

  • Br
      3rd of Sep, 2017
    -1 Votes

    I have used iPage for my two domains for almost a year. The service has been fine and the cost was significantly less than most of their competitors. I found the web builder to be very easy to use and the library of templates extensive. I don't think the site builder is suitable for an enterprise web presence but for small business and personal use, quite adequate. As for the complaints above, the people complaining apparently could not read the terms of service nor figure out what they needed to purchase or what was an add on.

  • Fu
      19th of Jul, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Brian 0. and because your a larp and a shill for ipage, , im going out on a limb here and ask, , , , did you actually read the 1, 000, 000 words and 15 pages of user agreements? i seriously doubt it you clown. go blow smoke up your own largeanushole and stop blowing it up ours. youre a fake flake. i page sucks as bad as you do.

  • Fu
      19th of Jul, 2018
    +1 Votes

    today is July 19, 2018 and Ipage tried to screw me today too! i had Ipage for 4 years hosting my website, , and when it came time for renewal, , , the ONLY ammount i could see that was due, , , was 16.99 for one year of domain hosting, , , , so i payed it because i didnt want to lose my domain name. i even recieved 2 emails confirming my payment. but then after 3 hours it hit me, , , what about the website hosting payment???? and sure enough, , i went into my account and started digging, , and there it was, , , , ANOTHER charge for 105.99!!! i NEVER agreed to pay ANY additional payments other than the 16.99. never saw it mentioned, , , never got a confirmation email for the additional charge!! Ipage fraudulently scammed me for 105.99, , , and like someone else on here mentioned, , the dune coon on the phone from pakistan told me it was in the terms and agreements, , , blah blah blah. i used to believe in Ipage but it looks like they sold out and like most corporations today, , , they dont care about you, me, or the birds in the trees, , , , its all about them and the dollar signs. [censored] Ipage !! after 4 years of being with Ipage, , i cancelled my webpage hosting plan with them and ill never go back, , , , just like GoSlackDaddy, , , they are the same way. screw em all, , ill find a local hosting company owned by americans here in the usa.

  • Pe
      19th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @fukipage Perry
    I agree with all this people another problem is the unlimited traffic story which is the biggest open and honest lie immediately you read in the fine print about a fair usage policy wich is so little that your site switch to wordpress install 20 times a day if it recieve a little sq queries...bad bad

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