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ipage website hosting - horrible service

The mobile version if my website had not been working for 20 days now . It basically loading so slow, literally every page takes 3 min to load and then if you try to go back, you have to wait another 3 minutes for it to load . I am loosing a lot of business because customers are not able to go on my website read information and schedule an appointment by using online booking. I called I page technical support more than 15 time spending over an hour on the phone every time I called them and spoke with multiple tech support people and their supervisors who elevated this issue to a higher technical support and every time they elevated this issue to the higher technical support it the higher technical support would do absolutely nothing to fix the issue and then proceed to state that they fixed the issue and lie that it now takes few seconds for my website to load on their mobile devices, while absolutely nothing was fixed and my age all of my customers mobile devises on different providers fast wi fi is still not loading. I don't know what to do at this point . Every time I call I page's tech support they keep doing the same thing - elevate the issue while their higher tech support drops the ticket stating that issue is fixed while it absolutely was not fixed by them. And this goes round agd round and round and nothing is being fixed. I am so upset, I wish I never signed up for I page services no matter how cheap they are it is not worth it. I am stuck with their horrible web hosting because if I change website host it will affect my Google ranking. I don't kno what to do. My website address is and I can't not believe how dishonest and incompetent Ipages tech support it. They all should be fired

website not functioning

My website is not functioning properly. The website will not load up when I type in the URL and gives me a message that the website can't be reached. I paid for a hosting platform package over a month ago and my initial phone call to customer service four days ago was to find out why my website stated it wasn't secure. The clerk told me that a work order was placed in high priority and I would receive an email notification between 24-48 hrs after the situation was resolved. Since then, my website will not load and i've made three phone calls to customer service to speak with supervisors who stated they would call me back that day after they resolved the problem. I haven't received an email or a phone call in four days and my website is still not loading up. Ipage has shown very poor customer service by not contacting me or rectifying my problem even after corresponding with supervisors. They claim that the website is working in their system. My personal computer, cell phone is stating the website can't be found and I've also called friends to type in the URL in their computer and they are receiving that same message with no results.

web hosting

I have tried to get 2 webhosting accounts migrated to IPage from Go Daddy. IPage has mesdsed it up for over1 month > I paid $300 to have the two webhosting moved to I Page.
I Page destroyed one of the eebhosting accounts and erased what I just spent over $1, 000 to update. A month later and still can't correct it. Next stop is Yelp and any place I can advertise how incompetent I page is.

  • Updated by Overpaid Payabales Recovery, Inc. · Nov 30, 2018

    2 months and I page has still not migrated two webhosting accounts from Go Daddy. Charged $300 over a month ago. Destroyed my web account from Go Daddy.
    Completely incompetent. Worst service ever.

    Can't get through to anyone that knows what they are doing.

I am complaining about ipage features and pricing being exorbitant

Currently I own the website as well as, it has recently come to my...


they accidentally deleted my website

ipage accidentally deleted my website & domain. They may get it back in the next 48 hours and they are sorry. I want folks to know not to use ipage. I am beyond upset. This is our family business and they deleted our website. There is not much to say. It just shows how dependent we are on our domain host providers and these guys are not good at what they do. They should realize the enormity of the error and fix it immediately. I am moving to blue host I hope it is better but cannot do that before the damage is already done.

  • Updated by American Custom · Aug 02, 2018

    ipage deleted my domain/website. They are sorry but it is gone. At first they said it would be up to 14 days to restore it. I am beyond frustrated. We left it at they are escalating to corporate and could be 24-48 hours. They were not clear if it is 24-48 hours to get an answer or it will be restored in 24-48 hours? I asked for a manager and was told, here is your case number and she would not acknowledge my request for a manager, she just kept repeating "no need to worry". I told her she may not be aware of the nuances of the English language but to be told not to worry over and over when you just wiped out my business is insulting to say the least. Awful day, very sad.. nothing I can do but wait. Just signed up with Bluehost, working on a new site and waiting to get the old one back hopefully we will not lose too many sales. I would suggest never doing business with ipage.

website been messed up by tech team

Hello ipage Below is a list of issues faced by url: arvcollege. Ca website since july 16 (7 days). Homepage...


What you have furnished is a complete lie. My server is not "" our server is ipage please stop thi...


websites' updates could not be uploaded

I have several websites under ipage. Everytime I upload updates, there is always an error message that my username/password is incorrect and that I have so many tries uploading with the "wrong" username/password. the truth is it was my first try yet, the error message would appear. I would contact them (chat - it takes time with the phone) and would undergo a series of checks only to be informed that the error is not with them. I find it crazy - they can remove their so called "safety feature" because they have blocked me because of the so-called numerous tries/retries with erroneous username/password. this has happened many times. I cannot upload all the updates to my 7 websites. I feel like an idiot. I have messaged them that I will transfer web hosting so I was asking them of the details and records needed to transfer but still, there is no answer. I would like to seek help to a higher authority on this.

unauthorised credit card charges + extortion

I have been warned that this scam site will secretly renew your hosting when you already turn auto-renew off, but I wasn't aware that they will do it A FEW MONTHS after the cycle end when you're least expected.
I have previously stop using their service and turned all auto-renew off. Since I already saw comment on them secretly charging your card, I checked my statement closely for a few months, until I got busy and forgot about them. That's the biggest mistake. Apparently, now their scam tactics including secretly turn on auto-renewal months after your cycle end, and charging your card when you're least expected. My fault for not checking my statement every month, but this is really sneaky and should be illegal since I already unsubscribe.

Oh, to go back to why I turn off auto-renew and left them? Basically one day they shutted my site down, claimed that my site has been infected, then told me that I need to pay a lump sum to get it removed, which, basically is an extortion (I used their build in script installer to install Wordpress, not even managed to upload any content). So basically I told them to ** off, log in to make sure that the auto-renewal is off, then move on. When the renewal date is close by, I found that my site has long been re-activated, and auto-renewal turned on, hence lead to the beginning of this review.

be careful

If you look for a great web hosting service then iPage is the worst place for this.
Yes, their ads look very attractive, their packages are very nice. But it's just one big illusion. In fact, the shown prices are fake and they will ask for more as soon as you pick one of the packages. It's very sneaky and I have no idea how they are still in business using these lame financial schemes.
Don't deal with them. Look for more.


February 11, 2017 I) received an invoice for hosting via email and paid it, ii) I received an invoice for...

Bank account debiting activity without notifying its customer

Today 01/08/2015 I was finally able to talk to a decent guy at the iPage billing who agreed to refund automatic hosting fee of $155.40 out of $189.38. It was not all and refused to refund $33.98 but it helps. I was always calling late afternoon or evening. This nice guy was available before 8 o'clock in central standard time. f you have been rejected or unsuccessful to get a refund, try early, it might work. In retrospect, it is, at first, shocking to see someone debited three times out of your bank account without authorization. Because you have no idea what were they for. In the iPage's case, all these turned out to be automatic renewal fees. I told them that I had never selected automatic debit at the time of account setup. iPage said it is automatic renewal for every one first time. iPage controls customers too much! Why can't they give us a choice? Why can't they notify by email what the debit was for?

  • Ja
    Jamie Walker Oct 31, 2017

    Jan, what a horror! I thought that I had one problem with the connection with the service support, but no, I'm not the only one! And it's sad. Yes, and then I found the domain statistics for iPage: People`s disappointment

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Web Hosting

This company forces you into auto-pay renewals for their web hosting. Then when the renewal comes, they AUTOMATICALLY charge you for ALL of their services whether you use them or want them. As a result, their minimum $15.95 service will cost you almost $500 when they renew, and you cannot stop it. You can only cancel auto-pay by phone (and this is a web hosting company), and they put me on hold for almost 45 minutes, then gave me a horrific battle to turn off auto-pay. I finally just cancelled my credit card to escape these scu%bags. These people are CROOKS - STAY AWAY!!!

Service and company

I had signed up for a domain name in 2013 for about $12.00. Renewed it the first year, 2014. In 2015, I transferred the contact person and received notice that someone, not the person as contact person, had cancelled the domain name. Since September of this year, I have contacted this company 3-4 times. Paid more money and still had my domain name placed in redemption costing me more money to retrieve. The staff knows they are screwing you out of more and more money.

Domain Name Registration / Web Hosting

This company's business practices are shady and fraudulent, to say the least. I purchased a 12-month...

Not providing what they told

I got mail from them indicating free gmail with signing up to their service. I contacted their customer...


Skanky Phone Practices

I am absolutely beside myself. I just paid $40 to these goons for having NOT protected my Web sites from a...

won't give money back after cancel account

I would never sign up with this company for a web site. i canceled my account a year ago and they only...

my domain and website has been taken by IPAGE

Hi, I was running a social networking website for more than 5 months. I was hosting with a small company and...

Fraudulent business practices

In November we were informed that we needed to pay our renewal fees for our website. We called with payment information to pay our fees. Today I checked our page and it wasn't there. I was told that it was taken down for nonpayment. Apparently the sales persons charged our account person for everything but our domain. Which makes no sense! So because of their mistake our website has been down and we were charged a fee to have the page restored. We had to pay for their mistake. This is poor business practice and I promise you that we will be changing our host site as soon as I find a replacement . The funny part is that I was told I had to pay a redemption fee, but iPage is who needs redemption for their mistake. Its a shame they don't hold your clients in higher regard...

I wish I would have found this site before I signed up for iPage, I never would have gotten into this mess. Now I'm afraid of what I'll have to go through to get my domain name when we leave them.

  • Da
    davidavidbrent Oct 28, 2011

    Be Careful: even though I went completely by the book and cancelled my account with ipage but they still charged me for another year. Complained but getting the runaround. Have the feeling this is the company policy. Avoid ipage: thieves!

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  • Kr
    Kristin Maxson Dec 21, 2012

    I have never been able to log into my site. When I click on setting a new password, I get the statement:
    I have used that password before. Has anyone had the trouble with password access?
    I will try many password with no access in changing it.

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  • Jc
    Jcary033 Nov 23, 2014

    The same thing just happened to us. We renewed our plan with iPage and assumed that the renewal was for our domain as well. Now our site is down and we are being told that we have to pay $160 to remove it from Redemption.

    We will also be leaving iPage as soon as possible.

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  • Mm
    mmgroup Apr 05, 2015

    This just happend to my doamin as well. They just messed with the wrong folks since it has happend to more amd more people.

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I cannot even begin to express how much of a "living hell" kind of experience I have had with iPage when I stupidly tried to switch my web hosting to them. Between the gross misrepresentations (ie: lies) and gross incompetence and unbelievable lack of communication between their own people/departments, it's a wonder they are able to stay in business at all.

It's a very long story full of incredible ineptitude and pure B.S. on the part of iPage, but bottom line is that I now have NO websites until my former web host can reinstate them in "the next few days" for an extra $150, since I cancelled that account after iPage's "concierge", Omar sweet-talked me into NOT canceling my iPage account, which I stupidly agreed to... BUT THEY CANCELLED IT ANYWAY 2 DAYS LATER AFTER I HAD JUST CANCELED MY OTHER HOSTING ACCOUNT!!!

This was an incredibly miserable and expensive lesson, and I realize now that I should have done more research before making such a terrible decision to go with iPage. They truly suck in every way possible.

  • La
    Laurent Coq Mar 16, 2014

    #iPage #iPageDesigner #Scam

    Blackmail you to remove your PRIVATE info OFF its open publications!
    iPage is a complete scam operating out of #India by blackmailing its customers!
    iPage is publishing on #Whois #Internic anyone private family info but refuses to publish your professionals one.


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  • La
    Laurent Coq Mar 16, 2014

    Blackmail you to remove your PRIVATE info OFF its open publications!
    iPage is a complete scam operating out of #India by blackmailing its customers!
    iPage is publishing on #Whois #Internic anyone private family info but refuses to publish your professionals one.


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Rip off!

I purchased a complete Website Hosting package from them in January 2013. It was supposed to be for $1.95 a month - well when they got finished adding up all the "extra" services the annual bill came to almost $300.00. Well by that time I was pretty much all in - so I went ahead and purchased the hosting service and extras for 2 years (they gave me a bit of a price break.) It's now March, 2013 and I just realized my Website is down - when I called Tech Support at iPage [protected] to see what the problem was - I was told that my domain has expired, and is set for deletion. Well, as a newbie with this being my first Website - I am thinking something is wrong somewhere as I just purchased everything I needed to have my own Website for 2 years! After numerous calls, and a bit of arguing with upper tier support personnel - they were initially willing to let me walk away as a very dis-satisfied customer who informed them that I would blog, and tweet my ### off about their poor service, product, etc. as well as hiring an attorney to sue them - they finally admitted that they had made an error. Well the Mgr. in Sales who identified himself as the "top manager" told me this error would be corrected and my Website would be back up online "instantly." THAT WAS 2 DAYS AGO! I JUST CALLED IPAGE AGAIN TO GET A STATUS REPORT ON THIS ISSUE/TICKET AND NOT ONLY DID I SIT ON HOLD FOR 15 MINUTES BUT THE LOWER LEVEL TECH WAS RUDE AND ASKED ME IF I WAS GOING TO CONTINUE TO CALL ALL DAY LONG ABOUT THIS ISSUE. I told him "yes if that's what it takes for me to get my Website back up online!" I am very dis-satisfied with iPage - and will be looking for another host as soon as I re-gain control of my domain! They can suck my big toe!!!

  • Ni
    nik1 Sep 21, 2013

    ipage does this to all the users. They intently inject malicious virus into your files and asks you to buy some type of virus protection plan from their partner Also, they recommend you to DELETE ALL FILES FROM THE ACCOUNT otherwise will keep suspending your account.

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charged my Paypal in spite of i ceclared not to renew my subscription

Formerly i was webhosting client of iPage. Since they wanted to dramatically increase my subscription amount i decided to go to an other host. In an e-mail i sent to their support on 24th of January I declared that:
"From: Kállai Szilárd, Vitis Aureus Bt. <[deleted]> Date: 2013/1/24 Subject: Re: Payment due for abyssclimbercom account on 1/29/2013 To: iPage <[protected]>
Dear iPage Support, Due to highlí increased prices i decided no to renew service with you. My pages are under migration now to the new host. Please let me know if i would have to do anything above non-paying for your service.
Sincerely yours Kállai Szilárd"
In spite of my message - that remained unanswered by them in a sneaky way - i found that iPage somehow could manage to debit my Paypal account again. I can not imagine how could they do that. Perhaps they had my account details from a year ago?
To summarize i did not ordered the renewal of their service, and did not allowed them to debit my account. Somehow, however, they have stolen my money.

  • Sz
    Szilárd Kállai Feb 13, 2013

    After a chain of e-mails with the support, finally iPage refunded all the disputed amount.
    The basis of the problem was technical and communications.
    This way i have to release iPage.

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  • Bu
    Bufford T Pusser Feb 20, 2013

    I hate these f*-:;, >#$%. They should not be in buisness. Not only did they they do basically the same thing to me, after i COmpletely cancelled a couple of years later they notice me via email that they are going to charge my credit card for domain name renewal. These are thieves dont give them any personal info they are selling it, I guarantee u
    you. The great state of Mass aint doing Jack Squat for your people by letting these Indian thugs set up shop !

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  • Bu
    Bufford T Pusser Feb 20, 2013

    I never got my money back. I cancelled within 24 hours. And then 2 years later they try to take me for some more.

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  • Ni
    nik1 Sep 21, 2013

    ipage does this to all the users. They intently inject malicious virus into your files and asks you to buy some type of virus protection plan from their partner Also, they recommend you to DELETE ALL FILES FROM THE ACCOUNT otherwise will keep suspending your account.

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  • Rl
    rloo Nov 12, 2017

    in December 2016 I moved my page to another hosting company but to be sure there was nothing left to automatically renew, I used the help of a technician to be sure there was nothing left in the account to automatically renew. While reviewing my bank accounts in November 2017, I noticed that Ipage had made three charges to my account on 11/10/2017, 7/17/2017 and 6/6/2017 when the domain was no longer hosted by them and had been closed. The technician said she could issue a refund for only the most recent charged made a few days ago but not the other two. To my continued complaint she said I could contact Ipage support/ suggestions to make a suggestion. I said I had no desire to suggest that they should stop scamming previous customers' accounts in their attempt to keep them from escaping. Do not host with this company. You will not be able to leave without a serious legal fight.

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Login Access

Ipage has a real problem with their log in and prompt responses.

They send a link:
They have a code which is given to access the promotion

When typing this code it, it responds
Incorrect code. Please try again.

All I can expect is they do not have a handle on their programming in this world with over night security updates. Sad. Login has been a problem for site owners.

  • Ip
    iPage_Help Dec 26, 2012

    Hello Kristin,
    My name is Melissa and I am the Social Media Manager here at iPage. In an effort to help customers as much as we can I've been keeping an eye out all over the internet so I can help anyone in need.
    With the issue you are describing please contact our support team or email melissa(at)ipage(dot)com - as the link is to Yahoo and not iPage this is definitely something we would like to investigate.
    Kind regards,
    Social Media Manager

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Will not send a refund fro a service they canceled

This is a reply I sent to an email I received from Ipage.

To say that this is an "inconvenience" is saying it lightly. Do you think I paid you $400.00 for 'Custom Website Design Service' as a gift? (Like Merry Christmas?) Where I am from... "It is called THEFT!" (LIKE TO STEAL!) (Take without permission) For you to say that YOU (NOT ME) canceled the product and do NOT issue a refund. Is out regress to say the least!!! Maybe if you could look at the calendar you might see that December 21, 2012 is TWO days away. NOW I DEMAND A REFUND OF MY $399.00!

Thank You,

Gene Collier

-----Original Message-----
From: [protected] [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 3:26 AM
To: [protected]
Subject: [P10433927000000000] customwoodsigns4youc / Refund Inquiry


Thank you for contacting Support.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I could see that you have been charged for the product 'Custom Website Design Service' for $399.00 on December 11, 2011. However, we have canceled the product 'Custom Website Design Service' on December 21, 2012. We do not issue refund towards the cancellation of the products.

If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are available 24x7. We are also available through chat at: .


Melvin Smith
Customer Support
I beg your pardon:


iPage Payment Receipt
Account Information:
Gene Collier
Inscribed Custom Wood Signs
6424 Burdock Drive
Santa Fe, TX 77510
10 Corporate Dr
Suite 300
Burlington, MA 01803
Reference # Item Original

Received Renewal Date Status as of

12/18/2012 Date Paid

[protected] Custom Website Design Service $399.00 $399.00 12/11/2011 PAID 12/11/2011

Payment method: Credit Card (ending in 3580)

This report reflects receipt/payment activity recorded by iPage on your behalf as of 12/18/2012 for the payment listed above. It does NOT reflect the status of any other payment.

If you have questions about our billing policies, please review iPage's Terms of Service agreement or contact iPage Help Center (Toll free:
[protected]). Thank you!

Prepared 12/18/2012


Yesterday, 10/31/12, iPage experienced a complete outage for approximately 60 minutes, both on my websites and theirs, including their control panel, FTP transfers, email, etc. When I called and asked them about it, they denied that they were experiencing any outage and said the issue must be on my end. I immediately confirmed the outage with an associate in London, who also uses iPage as a host. I called back immediately and the phone was busy; it didn't even put me into a hold queue. That was the first time I've ever experienced a busy signal from their call center and this was at 5:20 AM CDT - not exactly peak calling hours. I found this extremely coincidental that they should experience such a overwhelming call volume at such an odd time at the exact same moment I was experiencing my "imaginary" outage. As soon as the outage was resolved, I was immediately able to get through to a support tech. Again, I think this is beyond coincidental.

When I called to inquire about the outage, the exact time, the duration, the reason, etc., I was told that they hadn't experienced any outage, and that my incident was resolved. I wrote back and called several more times to discuss the issue, and each time they denied that the outage took place. I asked them to escalate the incident to a tier 2 tech and they refused. I asked them forward my request to their network and system monitoring department and they refused. It wasn't only that they gave me inaccurate and patently false information, it was also that the attitude of every tech support person was that I must be some idiot who didn't know what I was doing. The first tech support person asked me to try bringing up, and when I did and explained to him that I had at least a dozen or more active, open websites on several browsers, he suggested that I reboot my computer. I'm surprised he didn't ask me to make sure it was plugged in. I've worked in technology for over 25 years, including both in a data center doing system and network monitoring, and also as a sales person selling system and network monitoring software to data centers exactly like iPage.

I am convinced that their denials were an iPage management endorsed, systemic misrepresentation and falsification of the events, and subsequent coverup in order to protect their uptime statistics. Because they use uptime statistics to sell their services and products, this policy of giving falsified information to paying customers is nothing short of fraud.

I cancelled my hosting service with iPage within a few hours and I would advise anyone considering iPage as a hosting provider to choose another more reputable company, with better technology, better tech support, and without a company policy of fraud.

  • Ip
    iPage_Help Nov 07, 2012

    My name is Melissa and I am the Social Media Manager here at iPage. Quality Assurance is very important to us and I would like to investigate this matter for you. Around the time you posted we did see an issue where third party internet routing points and internet service providers were down or inaccessible due to the hurricane. This may have been the cause of the issue - we could see our site and your site but due to routing points you and some others were not able to. If you'd like me to look into this further please email melissa(at)ipage(dot)com
    Kind regards,
    iPage Social Media Manager

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I was never able to even get into this website I paid for...customer service kept sending me to the same place where you had to log in which I couldn't do because the person who set it up for me could not remember the password! I have since paid for two years for NO SERVICES!!! And they tell me the only way I can stop it is to log in and change my payment plan! Since I can't log in, how is that possible? These people are thieves!

Outright Theft

Steer clear of these thieves. They are controlling their web presence both on and off their website. They have created numerous "review" sites on which they give themselves glowing reports. When you sign up for webhosting, the very first thing they do is have you select your domain name. Later when you find out that you've been shafted and want your money back, they will refuse to refund $15 for the domain name claiming they can not refund it. They get $15 all for doing nothing but trying to screw you over. They sell you hosting but fail to mention that if you don't buy a security certificate, every browser on planet earth will advise surfers to stay clear of your site. This isn't just back-handed, I'd say it's criminal. Their advertised price of $3.50 is only if you commit to several years of hosting. If you want to try them out for a shorter time frame, double the price. The support staff is in on the grift and have all their responses spring loaded. You'll get double talk upon double talk. These clowns deserve worse than being run out of business. Someone there needs some jail time.

Illegally Charged my Account

This company is horrible! They illegally billed my card even after they had confirmed that they would not renew my account, per my request. Since their system defaulted back to auto-renewal, I had to email them on 5/8/2012 to request that they cancel my account which was due for renewal on 5/30/2012. Now they are telling me that because they already billed me, they could not issue the refund. --- They might have made a mistake; however, after I sent them a copy of their (IPAGE) email confirming that THEY would NOT RENEW MY ACCOUNT, they still refuse to issue a refund. By refusing to issue a refund for unauthorze charges; which ipage was aware that they were not authorized to make, they are commiting theft, plain and simple. Do NOT do business with this people. Additionaly, their costumer service is also below average. They respond fast; but, their responses are somewhat poor on most occasions.


Their advertised refund policy is the teeny tiny small print!!! I don't remember it there when I purchased their hosting service but it is there now...even so, their tactics are questionable. I paid $114.80 and soon after decided I had gotten in over my head and requested refund. They only refunded $54.00???? What a SCAM. I am guessing that is how they stay in business. The add ons I signed up for were for the sole purpose of promoting the page ...the page that never existed????????? I have filed a claim through Paypal...Also, noticed that they had already been posted for a renewal fee???? Thankful I noticed canceled it. If you get scammed by these people and you used paypal be sure to check for other fees they have set up to take from you!!!

  • Aj
    AJ_got_duped Sep 04, 2012

    I am no fan of and yes, after 72 days and 52 service tickets later we still have issues. My 1st attempt at site building brought me to many limitations was informed of all the upgrades I would need to pay for and quickly trashed the idea of using their Weebly tools. Spent a few days worrying I had just been taken without being able to find a solution BUT found and its software and plugins to be a terrific way to go around's sketchy claims. This took me about 2 months (because I had a lofty startup deadline) of reading and seeking answers on forums and tutorials and 100s of google searches.

    As the build progressed, so did the service tickets. Downed servers, email server redirects without notification, bandwidth limitations on a website addition that simply contained a rotating picture module. AND OF COURSE THE GRAND DADDY OF ALL LIES. An staff member told me flat out, I was not allowed to have more than 10 people viewing my site at the same time, if I wanted more I would need to upgrade to a dedicated server. NOTE**** In order to move from 1 web host to another, you must wait at least 60 days. I approached the 58th day of service and a tech support "accidentaly" took my mentioning a refund for a portion of my service for a request to cancel and deleted my website, thus prompting them to reinstate the account and start the 60 day process all over again. My compensation was an upgrqade to premium tech support which does me nothing as we are now in the SEO and promoational part of the web startup.

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Refund policy and theft

These people are crooks. I came across some website on the Internet that rated web hosting company's and IPage got high marks. What a crock. There web site states anytime money back guarantee. I signed up for there $3.50 a month web hosting package only to be charged annually and then subsequently another $399. I called to immediately cancel and was given the run around. They told me that they will start the refund process, whatever the hell that means. Afterwards I googled IPage customer complaints and read all the horror stories. I am on the way to my bank to dispute charge and change my credit card number. What a bunch of crooked. In all my 42 years of being alive and getting customer refunds, I have never heard anyone tell me in a very vague and ambiguous way that there is a refund process. Either you refund the money or you don't. They could even tell me the amount of the refund because they aren't refunding anything, they just tell you a bunch of made up ### in an attempt to steal your money. Someone should take the owner of this company out in the parking lot and shoot him in his mother ###ing face. They are all crooks. Stay away.

HORRIBLE SERVICE/Refusal to release my Domain name




they do NOT know what they are doing!!!

failed service

They failed to keep our site secure. The breach is due the the hosting software they offer to users. It attracts mail bots and iPage shuts down our site including our e-mail accounts. They know of the problem but refuse to address it and force us to find a solution. This is a problem well known to them your they fail to address it.

fraudulent advertising

I purchased a hosting package from based on their advertising. It sounded like everything I needed to get started online, but to my dismay, what they offer is definitely not what you get. They use words like "free" and "unlimited" but once you give them your money, that is far from the truth. You dont really get what you need to make a quality website, and everything costs more. I thought I had done research but what I did was fall for a huge scam. I am waiting for my refund, and after reading their policy, it states that they may or may not give you all your money back. I will wait and see, but fraud would be the only accurate word that goes along with ipage.


I began web hosting with this company last year (2010), since then I have had nothing but problems . One of which was when I attempted to purchase a new domain through their online interface. Something was wrong with their system and it said there was an error and that the purchase of the domain did not go through, and to try again. Well, I contacted support to make sure what their system was telling me was in fact the case. The lady I spoke with told me that there had been no new domain name purchased and that I would not be charged.
I took her word for it, and kept a record of our conversation. I took my business elsewhere and had no problems. The next day iPage charged me for the exact domain I attempted to buy, that their system told me did not go through AND that their support rep ALSO told me didn't go through. So I contacted them again, thinking they will see I took measures to prevent this, and look at the records, and refund my money. THEY DIDN'T. They said they couldn't refund the money for a domain I bought. I explained and explained until I was blue in the face that there was an error when I tried to purchase it and that I contacted support as soon as it occurred to avoid this very thing. I even showed them the records of exactly what occurred- BUT THEY STILL WOULDN'T REFUND MY MONEY. Not only that but they were horribly rude. I spoke to several reps and they all said the same thing- "sorry. you bought it. there is nothing we can do." I contacted my back and submitted proof of all of the above. They refunded my money.

Next, I learn that iPage suspended my hosting account. I contacted them again. They said that since the bank issued a chargeback for the domain name I tried to buy (that they wouldn't refund my money for) they suspended my hosting account which was paid in full until September 2011. I contacted them again, and got the exact same response as every other dealing with them. "sorry can't help you". They could not explain how my whole hosting account was shut down over that incident of attempting to buy a domain name... all they would say was sorry too bad nothing we can do. The made it to where I could not use any of the domains I had paid them to host. Visiting those pages showed the sited were shut down. I have no idea how long it had been this was. I contacted them again, and told them I moved my domains and that I was no longer doing business with them. They quickly told me that there were 4 months left on ly hosting account and that I would not receive a refund for the remaining months- even though I never asked for a refund. At that point I just wanted to be done with them, and stop having to waste hours of my life trying to get things straightened out. I told them they no longer had permission to use my credit card and that our relationship was over.

Today, they have charged me another $166 for another year of hosting... for an account they suspended???? and yes I contacted them and they said they need a few days to look into it.

This is BY FAR the worst company I have ever dealt with. They don't just have BAD customer service, it is down right horrible. I cannot help but think the only way they get customer is to steal money from them. I am shocked that any company would treat their customers the way they do. Without customers- there is no business. I am very mad about this.

  • Al
    Alpha Indian Man Jan 10, 2013

    They are the worst forms of business institutions. Their policy is rather simple. They will lure you into buying their services of unlimited resources (we all understand there is nothing like unlimited, but hey, 5 gigabytes of data on a hosting account aint much if its all pdf files, wordpress blog and html/php webpages, not scripts.).

    They have stopped my account on the pretext that my pdf files were utilizing too many server/network resources.

    Here's a sample of the communication.


    The following file(s) in your account are creating too many requests to the server and utilizing heavy network/server resources, which are resulting in critical issues with the server pool.

    398 /wp-content/uploads/files/solutions.docx
    405 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/aluminiumalloys.pdf
    405 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/industrial.pdf
    405 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/production.pdf
    406 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/phosphogypsum.pdf
    406 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/whatisgypsum.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/gypsumbased.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/gypsumcement.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/gypsumwolkowski.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/plasterofparis.pdf

    As a result, we have been forced to suspend your site, to protect services to our other customers.

    Also, we have found malicious content on your account. We recommend you delete all files and upload a known good backup of the site. We also recommend updating all applications, scripts, plugins, themes, or any add-ons to the latest version available from the developer.

    The contents of our virus scan is below:

    /home/users/web/b2430/ipg.cyberestatestk/indiamines/wp-content/themes/Chameleon/timthumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-119.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
    /home/users/web/b2430/ipg.cyberestatestk/cyber-secure/wp-content/themes/WebHosting/thumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-108.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
    /home/users/web/b2430/ipg.cyberestatestk/avsindia/wp-content/themes/Rejuvenate/thumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-108.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

    In order to unsuspend it, you need to agree to take immediate action to reduce the CGI load resulting from your content. If you are not able to do so, you should seek an alternative hosting provider, as it appears your site needs are no longer compatible with the environment which we can provide. I am sorry for any resulting inconvenience.

    Andy T.
    Technical Support

    Here is my response to their notices:

    Dear Tech Support,

    Those files are simple small sized pdf documents which are most necessary for the site. Nowhere in your TOS is it mentioned that pdf files cannot be hosted or displayed.

    Timthumb is a very well known thumbnailing php script that is used to thumbnail images inside popular cms systems like wordpress. There were issues with timthumb, but they were resolved in april 2012.

    It clearly smells of a malafide intention on part of iPage and Endurance International Group in misrepresenting their products and services to illegally lure innocent customers into buying your services, and then screw the consumers over.

    Or is it the way your company likes treating people from a country like India?

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  • Ni
    nik1 Sep 21, 2013

    ipage does this to all the users. They intently inject malicious virus into your files and asks you to buy some type of virus protection plan from their partner Also, they recommend you to DELETE ALL FILES FROM THE ACCOUNT otherwise will keep suspending your account.

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  • An
    Anthony19 Apr 04, 2018

    My C/C was charged mutiple times, all of these charges being "unauthorized" by Me!
    I set my acct. to manually renew however, I was stilled charged for a new year of hosting along with being charged $16.99 for each domain name I registered with i-page. I not once, not twice, but three times called and requested that my card be taken off of file, but it was never done! After my request being ignored numerous times, I called to have these unauthorised charges reversed, which all i-page kept saying was "Sorry there is nothing we can do." At this point in time am in the process of seeking legal advice. I have recorded the conversations I had w the customer service reps. where after requesting that my c/c be taken off of file, they clearly stated that my credit card has now been taken off of file, when in fact it "was not" taken off of file, but rather was kept on file and charged again and again with out my authorization.
    What I say, is not out of anger, but rather just the plain truth of what happened to me. I may have to pay more for a lawyer/legal fees, than the few hundred dollars that i-page has charged my c/c without my authorization, but justice must be served! If someone robs You for Your money then that person is considered a theef and a criminal, and if caught are sent to jail, but when co.'s such as i-page debits money from Your bank account after specifying numerous times that Your c/c be taken off of file and not charged without prior authorization, and that You want Your acct. set on manual renewal and not automatic renewal, , , then what happens to them? Are they sent to jail? Are they a criminal? Or do they get to steal Your money, and then turn around and say; "Sorry, unfortunately there is nothing we can do!"????

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  • Wa
    Walter Rojas Sep 17, 2018

    After a couple of years of being customer of iPage, they blocked the access to my control panel arguing that I have to pay them 286 US Dls, a "magical" charge that I don't recognize and fortunately they couldn't make it because the credit card expired. I cannot access to my domain registry anymore to make the transfer and get the EPP. In short, I losted my domain. After contact them they say "Pay or you'll don't have any access to your control panel". After reading the previous posts I guess I was lucky guy.

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False Advertising! Crooks! Only want your money!

Anytime money back guarantee never applies. I signed up for the service, after an ichat with a rep. he claimed they had a 'state of the art' drag and drop web site builder, but could not allow me to look at it without signing up. also said there were a lot of specials that had to be signed up for at the time i subscribed that would be no longer valid if i didn't buy them immediately on signup. Also assured me that if I wasnt satisfied, they have the unconditional money back guarantee. If the site builder was not good, I would cancel He said, no problem. money back guarantee. Unfortauntely for me, I did not save that ichat transcript. I wisened up after that.

Welllll... the site builder is Weebly, which anyone anyone can get on Weebly's own site. It certainly isn't 'state of the art'. If I knew it was Weebly, which I already tried, I never would have signed up. So, I cancelled, in less than an hour. Turns out, 'refundable' is a relative term defined by iPage. They refunded less than 50% of what I paid, claiming the rest was for 'products'. I did a dummy potential sign up and on none of these 'products' does it say they are not refundable. (privacy protection, e-mail, etc.)

Also, they may that hosting is $3.99 per month, but that can translate into well $70 for 60 minutes of hosting at least according to them. It was 'pro-rated", I guess per minute of use.

iPage is a rip off. If you want to throw money away, send it to me instead. At least I would put it to good use. This whole ordeal is for a web page for a new rescue foster organization that helps strays and shelter e-list dogs and cats. Where we are non-profit, iPage is all about the profit, even if they have to mislead and steal it.

  • Kp
    kpviper7 Jun 29, 2014

    I agree ipage does a lot of false advertising... They advertise one thing but in their fine terms and conditions it turns out to be a completely different thing... I recently had a very bad experience with the affiliate program... I had received an email from them telling me I could receive a $125 commission per referral if I came back to them and started referring people because I'd marketed their hosting a few years back but for whatever reason I stopped. Anyways, after coming back and referring 10 personally referrals of individuals I know that were looking for cheaper hosting, I thought I had a good commission coming. Well the time came and went for when I was suppose to be paid out my $850 and so I contact the company... They were slow to respond and when they finally did they told me that I wasn't going to get paid and that my signups were deemed fraud... I tried to asked them how they came to that conclusion since these were people whom I new that signed up and paid for 2 years of service up front... That came back with that my Click through rate was too high??? WHAT... Seriously... So long story short they were very ignorant about it and I've still not been paid... I plan to file a BBB complaint against them and also take them to court, possibly even file a class action suite against them if we can get enough other people involved... As far as I'm concerned this company should not even be in business... Good thing I new every single one of my referrals personally... I called them all up and they all immediately cancelled and went back to the hosting company they were using previously... This company is a major scam artist who has more fine print then any other company I've ever personally witnessed... Please take my advice and don't do business with them, you'll live to regret it.

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1.2 billion people can't access your site!

Ipage are a bunch of lying cheating ###s.

I was looking to set up a site for our bar in China and Ipage seemed to be the internet's choice. Before signing up, I contacted Ipage and asked them if there would be any server issues when creating a site in China. They said 'no'. This was a lie. I paid the money and spent a week building a site with their archaic tools. I published the site and learned fairly instantly that I was unable to access it. 'This site is blocked' I thought to myself. I contacted Ipage who spun me a lie about slow response times in Asia. I did some digging and discovered on Wikipedia's 'blocked sites in China' that most sites hosted on Ipage are blocked in China. So common knowledge then and something I can't imagine Ipage being oblivious to. I showed Ipage the site and they told me I would have to sort it out myself.

'Right, that's enough, cancel my account and give me a full refund' I told them. Not that simple apparently. Now they want me to pay for the domain name that would have been free if they hadn't lied to me and I'd set up with another company.

Ipage is awful, the tools are awful, the 'award winning customer service' is awful and the business practices are downright illegal. Plus, if you don't want 1/6th of the population of the world to be blocked from your site you might consider signing up with someone else.

  • Mi
    mirish Sep 06, 2011

    Hello, i just read ur review. it seems awful that ipage did that to you. I am in china too and want to setup my website. which web hosting u chose then which is not blocked in china?

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horrible customer service

Stay away from Ipage, I wish I had!! What they advertise is a LIE! It is NOT easy to build a website, even with the tools they provide. You will end up going round and round with them trying to figure things out and spending more and more money as they "help" you along. I had to hire a local kid to put my website together using ipages tools. Even he said, "it wasn't easy". Also DO NOT under ANY circumstances sign up for their custom website design service!! They contract this service shore!!! Especially if you already have a website with them. If you decide you have a problem with the custom design service and you want to cancel, they will make themselves unavailable and won't return your call. If you initiate a chargeback they will immediately suspend your existing website, i.e. take it down and replace it with an ipage page that announces "THIS SITE IS SUSPENDED" and hold it hostage to get back any disputed fees. Your website designer will be from India or some other God forsaken place. You won't find this out until after you have paid and your "designer" calls you. You won't be able to understand them due to their heavy accent and they won't be able to understand what you want because they do understand the english language. Their customer service is awful and your ipage contacts are always unavailable, forcing you to leave messages only. You are literally at their mercy. Heed my warning...I am living this mess right now...avoid ipage, they are BAD NEWS!!!


WORST WEB HOSTING! I canceled my account 20 days prior to the renewal date (verified in writing) they still billed me $107.40 for the basic package which they charge $52.00 for new accounts. They admit I shouldn't have been billed but refuse to pay for any bounced check fees due to their illegal billing practices. Still waiting for a refund of my $107.40. BEWARE OF THEIR BILLING PRACTICES!!!

Aggressive practices

iPage has very aggressive practices. I've indicated that I didn't want to renew services and still received and email saying that my CC will be charged! Not only did they keep my CC info, but they just charge you without you confirming or renewing services.

  • Di
    Disgusted with Ipage Feb 22, 2011

    WORST THAN THAT! I canceled my account 20 days prior to the renewal date (verified in writing) they still billed me $107.40 for the basic package which they charge $52.00 for new accounts. They admit I shouldn't have been billed but refuse to pay for any bounced check fees due to their illegal practices. Still waiting for a refund of my $107.40. BEWARE OF THEIR BILLING PRACTICES!!!

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  • Vm
    VM123 Feb 17, 2013

    Why don't everyone get together and start a class action against this web site?
    When you complain, nothing gets done. No one really cares.
    80% of the people don't care one way or the other and the other 20% are glad
    you are having this problem.
    If anything just do something about it in the courts.

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