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iPage / False Advertising! Crooks! Only want your money!

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Anytime money back guarantee never applies. I signed up for the service, after an ichat with a rep. he claimed they had a 'state of the art' drag and drop web site builder, but could not allow me to look at it without signing up. also said there were a lot of specials that had to be signed up for at the time i subscribed that would be no longer valid if i didn't buy them immediately on signup. Also assured me that if I wasnt satisfied, they have the unconditional money back guarantee. If the site builder was not good, I would cancel He said, no problem. money back guarantee. Unfortauntely for me, I did not save that ichat transcript. I wisened up after that.

Welllll... the site builder is Weebly, which anyone anyone can get on Weebly's own site. It certainly isn't 'state of the art'. If I knew it was Weebly, which I already tried, I never would have signed up. So, I cancelled, in less than an hour. Turns out, 'refundable' is a relative term defined by iPage. They refunded less than 50% of what I paid, claiming the rest was for 'products'. I did a dummy potential sign up and on none of these 'products' does it say they are not refundable. (privacy protection, e-mail, etc.)

Also, they may that hosting is $3.99 per month, but that can translate into well $70 for 60 minutes of hosting at least according to them. It was 'pro-rated", I guess per minute of use.

iPage is a rip off. If you want to throw money away, send it to me instead. At least I would put it to good use. This whole ordeal is for a web page for a new rescue foster organization that helps strays and shelter e-list dogs and cats. Where we are non-profit, iPage is all about the profit, even if they have to mislead and steal it.

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  • Kp
      29th of Jun, 2014
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    I agree ipage does a lot of false advertising... They advertise one thing but in their fine terms and conditions it turns out to be a completely different thing... I recently had a very bad experience with the affiliate program... I had received an email from them telling me I could receive a $125 commission per referral if I came back to them and started referring people because I'd marketed their hosting a few years back but for whatever reason I stopped. Anyways, after coming back and referring 10 personally referrals of individuals I know that were looking for cheaper hosting, I thought I had a good commission coming. Well the time came and went for when I was suppose to be paid out my $850 and so I contact the company... They were slow to respond and when they finally did they told me that I wasn't going to get paid and that my signups were deemed fraud... I tried to asked them how they came to that conclusion since these were people whom I new that signed up and paid for 2 years of service up front... That came back with that my Click through rate was too high??? WHAT... Seriously... So long story short they were very ignorant about it and I've still not been paid... I plan to file a BBB complaint against them and also take them to court, possibly even file a class action suite against them if we can get enough other people involved... As far as I'm concerned this company should not even be in business... Good thing I new every single one of my referrals personally... I called them all up and they all immediately cancelled and went back to the hosting company they were using previously... This company is a major scam artist who has more fine print then any other company I've ever personally witnessed... Please take my advice and don't do business with them, you'll live to regret it.

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