Intexair mattress warranty

Re Aug 27, 2015 Long Beach CA Review updated:

Just after 90 days, the Intex Corp air mattress had a leak I was not able to find.

I called the company, they honored the exchange and said to cut up the air mattress send us the Intex logo with the receipt. I followed those directions.

Several months go by, I received the incorrect air mattress. The did not send me the exact model, raised air mattress I had purchased.

Just got off the phone with the customer service rep at Intex Corp. She said I have to cut up the new one just sent and email a picture of it. Why do I have to cut up a perfectly good air mattress. I asked if they can send me the correct one at a different rate out of my pocket due to the mix up. She said there is nothing they can do for me.

Instead of working out some sort of deal. They lost a costumer. I am going to tell all my friends not to purchase Intex products.

Since March 2015, I've been dealing with them! They should have sent the correct product!


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  • Mi
      Jun 03, 2016

    Mine developed a hump in the middle. This was the top of the line, double decker, 22 inch high product for $179. That was a waste of $179!

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  • Yo
      Jul 26, 2017


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  • Ch
      Mar 24, 2018

    hi love the products been using them for years in the us and japan. sometimes they get holes which i have patched many times. rough use of course this will happen. the main one i used, i had for 2 years i believe. It was a dream, though as i said yes i did fix holes in it. I mean is it really their fault if a push pin gets stuck in the side of it? or mine?
    Today I just had the worst problem with a newer bigger version of this bed. i deflated the bed put it in a box, and tried to cram a mattress on top of it in said box. later today the bed somehow created this big lump in the middle, after i noticed what i thought was a leak, and put more air in. Basically what happened again was my fault. When i rolled the bed up and started to pounce on it, i must have loosened the interior seals that keep the square form of the mattress together. the glue on the inside must be a weak point of the product. My suggestion, is if anyone has one of these beds and considers sleeping on them mainly like i do... I would suggest simply do not deflate it if possible, and if you do.. be very very careful with it, never put any strong pressure on it, and basically baby it, if at all possible. This bed has many advantages and disadvantages. but if we are not careful with it, it will break, just like any other thing we own in our homes.

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