International House of Pancakes / Service

This evening [protected]) my family and I went to IHOP in Austin on north IH 35 around 9:15. There was only about 14 people in the place and it still took 40 min to get or food. We waited 35 min without seeing our waitress, we were in need of refills so I had to ask another waitress to get her. Of course she stayed by the coffee talking and laughing until I had to yell for her. When are food comes my order was wrong, I ordered plain French toast and that's not what I got, the waitress just laughed and asked if I wanted what she brought me . To end this, I did not have anything to eat I was just so disappointed. My parents sausage was cooked on the outside but cold in the middle so we had to send it back . Again only about 14 people in the restaurant and more than half were sending their plates back. Our waitress acted like she could care less about our wait, so discussed with the whole service . And so were the people sitting behind us, and what's more disappointing is that we love going to that IHOP at least 2 or 3 times a month but never again .

Mar 22, 2017

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