Internation House Of Pancake.I was starred at by the staff in a disrespectful manner with no informant.

My stay in the airport was to get rest from a scandal which I accomplished with sleep. I made my way to ihop and got disrespectful stares where as if they could be apart of. So I ask for a important evaluation of them as a customer. The time of incident was at 6:10am at the airport and my name is antonio a. Butts
Actually was employed in lithonia area with the same restaurant with a inhuman experience and feel that the restaurants shouldn't be that way. My diagnosis is schizophrenic and still need answers to my situation as well as privacy but as a past employee I feel it as unorthodox to starred at as a respectable person. So if anything happens this complaint should judify.

Internation House Of Pancake.
Internation House Of Pancake.

Jan 10, 2017

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