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I sent this request to their support team. Im telling you people now what happened what I said and what I told them.

Since my order was cancelled, and the way the website layout is placed therefore, I can not write a review on cancelled orders. That is a request. But since I ca not I am still writing you now to tell you the experience I have had with this personal shopper Kenyada F.

Order all wrong AGAIN ! :

I was disappointed with the shopper Kenyada F. She was the worst shopper I had with instacart. If their were stars to mark in I would give her a poor. * She called my phone to tell me my food item was not available. And asked if I would like anything else. She suggested a bag of Kirkland chicken. I told her I was looking for 25-50 wings. She asked if I wanted it I said Yes ! She suggested that she take a picture. That was going to be my question. I said yes, take a picture that way I can see what Im purchasing and I can make a final decision. Their was a miscommunication with a bag of Kirkland chicken. An item that I do not purchase at all. She suggested she take a picture of the bag so I could see how it looked. I agreed. I asked her to take another picture of the back of the item to see the chicken more clear or send a picture showing just the wing. She was so sure I was purchasing the item, while we were discussing the chicken and the photographs she took it upon herself to decide what she think I should buy with my money. She did not close the agreement whether or not I would like the food item. I think she was very inconsiderate. She does not care what the customer wants This is the third time someone from your company has screwed with my order. This is ridiculous ! Two items ! I should not have to wait 7 days for a refund of my money because she does not want to get my order done correctly. * These are the pictures she sent me ;


Jun 4, 2015
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