Indian Airlinesno cust. service


I had a ticket on 17th May from Mumbai to Jodhpur. Departure Time was 15:15 but the flight took off around 23:00 hours. Just 15 minutes before departure it was announced that it will overfly Jodhpur.

There was no water in the 2 toilets. I was given a water bottle to wash hands and was told to keep the bottle in toilet only so that others can use.

We reached Udaipur at 1 am (midnight) Five passengers did not get their baggages. Upon passengers’ request, the officer on duty gave papers related to lost baggage.

While returning back on 20th May from Jodhpur, no water/juice was served till Udaipur. Upon asking I was told that they are not supposed to offer anything in a short flight of 25 minutes.

There is no email id or address where a customer can send all this feedback. I am a frequent flier, but all this was experienced for the first time.

Another problem is related to e-ticket. I have a ticket of 4 persons in one PNR. 2 of these 4 want to cancel the journey. There is no provision on website. 1407 says contact Airlines office. Airlines office says call on 011-[protected]. This number is either busy or ’no reply’.

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