Indane Gasexpiary date cylinders!

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On one of the vertical strips of the gas cylinder, the expiry date for the cylinder is given. Only a few people know about this. Even the distributors of the gas agency also do not know about this. And these expiry date cylinders are there in the market in huge quantity. This is really a very dangerous thing. They can blast any time. If you require let me know I can send you the mail in which all the details regarding the expiry date are given.

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  • Pr
      Jul 17, 2008

    Dear Sir
    Pl. tell me how to know, the expiry date for the gas cylinder.
    With regards

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  • Sr
      Aug 10, 2010

    The expiry date is printed on Gas cylinder in the form of D10, A11, B11, C11 or D11..etc
    Alphabets A, B, C and D stands as last month of the quarter year.
    Ex:D10 means D=December and 10 is 2010
    Similarly other letters indicates as :
    A=March, B=June, C=September and D=December.
    From above, C11 expiry date is September 2011.
    Please verify above details before you receive.

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  • Sr
      Aug 10, 2010

    Finding Cylinder expiry date.

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  • Vi
      Dec 05, 2016

    We have received before 2 months.but herewith mentioned the expiry date is will be safe or we can check the expiry details

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