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IMVU / imvu

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I think that imvu is a waste of time.I think the game is completley unfair.They dont give you any credits.They lie about what you can do to get them.And I think the people on there are disrespectful.They are always cuesing.And alot of people on there are stuck up.And they dont know how to act respectful.I think that the people who created this game are stupid.There whole company should shut down.This imvu game sucks.It is the worst online game that I have ever played.I will not suggest this game to my friends.And I will never play this game again!

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  • Di
      4th of Dec, 2010
    -2 Votes

    im starting to hate imvu i bought clothes and i cant even put them on stupid [censor] imvu

  • He
      29th of Dec, 2010
    -2 Votes


  • Bi
      29th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    last summer i went to my friends housse and she was only 11 and i was 10 at that time and she was onlne and was playing imvu and she had to pretend she was 17 to play and there, she met a boy and they"dated" online and they had virtual sex and i was really grosed out by it so i went home and i made mysylf an acount so i could see what other things could happen and guess what?the website said it didnt work and nothing was wrong!!!
    i went to google and came opon this page and i found out how bad imvu really was so here's some good advidce for you:NEVER GO ON IMVU. ITS A SUCKY WEBSITE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO DO BAD THINGS AND TOU HAVE TO PAY LOTS ON THIS SITE.

  • Le
      30th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    @bigdogsaysWOOF12. Judging by your grammar, I highly doubt you are 10 yrs old. Some of you people should grow up. If you don't want to play it, then don't. Simple as that. Posting your ignorance on here is nothing more than a comedic event. I do not see anyone leaving due to your [censor]ing and whining. If you are 10, which I don't believe, it doesn't say much for your parents. But, you're a bit older. It's obvious. Just an older whiney brat. It's funny as hell. Get off the net loser. Stop hating on the people that aren't stupid, and can actually hold a conversation, and therefore enjoy the benefits imvu offers. So, in short, for the grace of not indulging myself too deeply into your endless ignorance, I say this., , /, , LestatsPrince

  • Bl
      15th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    It's really hilarious how some people make money out of IMVU. Get a real job, ya [censor]ing [censor]s. Ohh, I forgot, you dropped out of high school. LOL.

    IMVU is an okay 3D chat simulation, but most of you [censor] are taking it seriously. You make money out of it, or get a boyfriend/girlfriend and send him/her nude pics of yourself. Now THAT is what I call sad. Wasting 290$ just so you can have a virtual [censor] doesn't prove anything, it only proves that you are [censor]ed.

    So, get a life. Open the door and walk outside. Get a real girlfriend/boyfriend. Hmm, too bad 99% of the players are fat and/or ugly.

  • Bl
      15th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I've also encountered some [censor]e lately that will have virtual sex for 40, 000 credits.

    Wow... just wow. Not only they are sad enough to prostitute themselves, but they can't even do it in real life. That's how ugly they are. They have to do it in a game.

  • Ke
      2nd of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    haha imvu's behalf oooooooooooo spare me will ya imvu been screwing ppl the whole time but you sont see this lol wow a whole 400.00 you spent lol i been on imfu for three years now and have spent over 5000.00 so shut up if you aint got anything good to say ok

  • Ra
      13th of Feb, 2011
    +3 Votes

    who ever decided to judge all imvu user of course was a total idiot because imvu is a great game it allows you to earn about 2500 a day! that means that your able to make 75000 credits a month for free just for review products if you ask me this is a great opportunity for users over +18 ( if your not 18 then just lie you'll get better offers ) thought because the catalog has very explicit clothing to review but after that is a great experience you have many ways to make credits and people who whine that they cant get them is because your to lazy to work at it. i have had my avatar since 09 and i have beyond clothing i have more clothing them some VIP and AP and i am still a guest and never have pay real money for credits you guys just make the best with what you have & btw if your new imvu gives you 1, 500credits for making your first avatar 200credits for connecting to your my yearbook account. 100credits for donating money to it. you can start making reviews after 3 months of using imvu but they give u 1000credits for downloading the toolbar then 300 a month just having it install stop whining you can find good people in the game i found so many people that are so nice and some strangers that give me gift for Christmas & if you get your friends to join you get 1, 500credits just for them joining imvu & 500credits for liking imvu on Facebook, 500credits for downloading imvu to your iPhone or the iPod touch. so start behaving like grown ups and stop blaming them for you not having credits they have great offers which offer you lots of credits . before you go judging a website so harshly try it out and try to solve the problem if its money or credits then try to solve it because think about you just got your facts right by a 14 year old girl :) ( thats what dumbness & foolishness gets you to) if you don't like it keep it to yourself because not everybody has the same taste in games or activity as you. its a place where you can go have whatever ever wanted and makes you pick your life and how you wanted it its so wonderful in my opinion Oh and if you don't want to waste your free credits here is a tip STOP buying inappropriate stuff imvu strictly forbids NUDE clothing its not there fault you don't follows they rules & when disable you its just like real life you go naked to the mall they take you to jail and you guys are so stupid your gonna say its the judges fault huh? because if you do good luck that & i hope you enjoy jail lots my friend :) imvu has rules and if you don't follow them your avatar gets taken away so don't blame them for your consequences.

  • Nu
      24th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I have been on IMVU for about 2 years and everything has been fine. But I do agree with IMVU being a greedy company. The fact of them adding the '5k credit limit' is proof of that. Especially when that is how some people make a living off of that. IMVU charges ridiculous prices for currency that is not even real. And a lot of the people there are childish and immature, but I've come to know quite a handful of people that are mature, fun, and great friends. So IMVU has some faults that they really need to work on but thankfully, there are some cool people there. Oh, and it really annoys me when people talk of IMVU as a 'game'. Because it is not. It is a social network.

  • Th
      28th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    blaz3 i take offence to your coment "It's really hilarious how some people make money out of IMVU. Get a real job, ya [censor]ing [censor]s. Ohh, I forgot, you dropped out of high school. LOL." im in collage and i make money on imvu. i have not had a problem with them at all. if they dont give you credits there is a good reason in 09 they switched the developer credits listing from promo credits to developer credits. you dont earn promo any more from items you make. but there are plenty of ways to get the credits. i get them from surfing the site and the toolbar. realy people dont say imvu users should get a life cause geuss what i play wow and second life and i still have a life.

  • Na
      5th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Ive recently got my account disabled on imvu FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OF BEING VIOLATED. I played it and when to sleep, and the next day I couldnt get on it cos ive got disabled. I didnt understand i wrote em angry letters and yet they refused to explain why they did this to me. Ive spent so much money on it over the course of several years, i loved it cos i could make some qualityf friends on there... and they just turned into a big fat evil corporation on their consumers and take their innocent money away from them. The whole thing must shut down. They need to go out of business. They may be doing alright right now, but im pretty sure the victims of imvu's unfair treatment will pay off someday, and finally theyll be the financial cul de sac with so many protesters on imvu who have been in my shoes under the name of Terms of whatever they indicate. Someday i wish IMVU get sued for their fruad big time and blow up all over california.

  • Ca
      10th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    u pay for ap on imvu than thy treat u an grown [censor] man tell u u cant have sex any way u pls an thy dont tell u what chit untill after u buy the ap thy can suck [censor]

  • Ex
      17th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    All I know is that since my (now EX) girlfriend started playing IMVU about a year or so ago, she has been neglecting everything else in her life. She lost her job because she was staying up all night chatting and couldn't get to work on time. She gave up on our family because she met another unemployed loser online who she is now 'married' to. One month she spent $600 on credits, more than one of her entire paychecks! (well when she HAD a job) Worst of all, she neglects her daughter every day (really doesn't do anything but drive her to school and put her to bed) while she spends 16 hours a day chatting with her virtual husband. Maybe IMVU is ok for people that can control themselves, maybe some of you are perfectly normal people just there for chatting, but while watching my ex play around in the game, I haven't seen anyone on there that doesn't have some sort of issues. I really wish 'games' like this didn't exist. It only exists to prey on the weak-minded who can be coerced into believing that it is a good idea to spend tons of cash on crap that doesn't even exist.

  • Mj
      21st of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I've been playing IMVU for about 4 years now (signed up in April of '07), and back then, it was so much fun. The virtual products were way cheaper and the people were much more polite and everyone was willing chat. You would rarely see a VIP user and not many people owned their avatar names. People actually had respect for each other.


    Ever since IMVU "updated" and became popular, it just sucks now. IMVU has become a "sell out" in my opinion. They make it so damn easy to become a VIP and own your name. As soon as someone signs up they buy their name and avatar name and automatically think they're better than everyone else, which leads to "stuck up" users. You don't know how many times I've come into a chat room and was treated like total [censor] by noobs who think they're better than everyone else just because their daddy decided to use his credit card.

    One of the worst mistakes IMVU made was adding voice chat into the rooms. Not only do you have [censor]s being rude in the chat room, but they'll sit there and talk about you like you aren't even there. Thankfully, I think they disabled it for the chat rooms. But it's just another example of how the site is "selling out". It's like they're trying to be like every other social networking site.

    It's almost impossible to "earn" credits unless you're beast at designing and selling things in the store, but for typical users like myself, they expect you to do surveys and offers that are nearly impossible to finish therefore, you never receive the credits.

    And it's insane how people take the virtual life so seriously. They get boyfriends and girlfriends and get "married". Really, it's freakin stupid. The only enjoyment I get anymore out of the game is fighting with people when they decide to mess with me, which is everytime I'm on there.

    The one thing I regret the most is spending so much [censor]ing money on there. The game is addicting for about the first year. I rarely ever log on anymore because it's just not fun anymore. Back then, I would've recommended this game for everyone but now..

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • Co
      21st of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    imvu just wants your money >.<

  • Ve
      31st of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    The only major problem I have with IMVU seems to be the incredibly large amount of 40 year old men going around trying to have cybersex with 17 year old girls.

  • No
      3rd of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Okay so I signed up for IMVU and I only got 2, 500 credits...and thats barley anything if you think bout it...everything is sooooo expensive -_-. Then I went to "earn free credits" I took a survey and all this other [censor] like verify my email and I was supossed to get bout 700 credits all together...didnt get a [censor]ing credit. >_>
    IMVU is jank.

  • Cl
      4th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I agree. a few weeks ago imvu disabled my account. some wanker came into a chat me and my bf was in and started abusing us verbally because we hadnt said hi to him, I reported him and I later found out I had been disabled. they disabled me because this wanker had reported me as well I dont see how that is fare when I didnt even respond rudely I was more sarcastic then anything to him ( didnt swear once). also awhile back I tried to purchase vip from the imvu website with my credit card, imvu took nearly $1000, 00 from my card, when I found out they took $400.00 the first time I told them to stop because they had no right to there response was ''sure we will fix it straight away'' I never got my money back. also imvu has no right to takee away stuff we payed for, sorry to say but the only way there gonna learn if is someone takes them to court and sues them for everything they have and gets the company shut down.

  • Ay
      9th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Well i don't think its anything wrong with imvu besides. There is alot of OLD people on there like grow up imvu should only be for teens. And too many people cyber like they can actually feel it .. Theres alot of stuck up people on there that spend all they money & time Like they have no life off the computer imvu also keeps trying to update things which is messin up the whole site. Thats about it . If you have a problem with imvu dont go on it and stop [censor]ing about it

  • Zo
      20th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    ok, The things on there is so innapropriate!
    They have a pic of a boy and a girl almost having s e x in their add!!!

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