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Manassas, VA, United States
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We were around the area at manassas IHOP to have our car serviced. We had to walk to IHOP to have breakfast since it will take 2-3 hours for the service to be done... (We love IHOP by the way) but the service of the crew in Manassas was terrible. Our server was Beverly and i dont really know who is serving us on our table since it looks very disorganized. As we were eating on our table, there was this guy (must be the manager) who asked almost every group of people on their table on how theyre doing and how their food was.. The guy looked at me and just skipped on us without asking how we're doing. Well, I really didnt mind but it was just weird that we are the only table he didnt ask and he even took a glance at us.. (Must be cause most of the customers were white, and we're the only ones that are not?!---im not saying he's being racist though). Then when our food was done I asked for a box for the pancakes that we havent finished so we can take it home.., i told the server CLEARLY that I wanted butter and old fashion syrup to go with it.. Well then she only returned with the box container and before i even speak, she already walked away... Then I had to look for her and she was rushing to get the customers and let them sit on their table which was not even part of her ASSIGNED area. Then after a while, i had to call her and ask that she forgot to give me the butter and syrup. She then confirmed that "butter and syrup, right?" And i said yes specifically the old fashion syrup. Then after few minutes she came back and only gave me butter.. She the walked away like she was in a rush but then i noticed that she was talking and giggling with her co worker. Then I had to ask the other server to give me the syrup since the our server must've forgotten... After finsihing everything with our food, I asked our server if I could have some glass of water before we head out, then she said she'll be back with our water... 15minutes have passed, I still didnt get my water and I saw her laughing and giggling again and serving the other table and seems like she must've forgotten what was asked from her. I then called her attention and said that we still didnt get our water and she said she will get it now.. She came back without any water and she headed straight to a different table.. (Im a very patient person but she is really testing my patience and im almost getting pissed off)... I called another server for water and she said she will get it for us... So instead of getting it, she went to our server and they had to argue and told her that she needs to focus on her area, they were arguing and saying that why she was serving to another table and not focusing on hers, it was very innapropriate and it seems like there's no customers around them. And after all that, we still DIDNT GET OUR WATER! and for the nth time i had to ask again where our water was and we were really thirsty since we had to walk heading back to our car service center. She said she will get it (she didnt even
say sorry nor realized that it has been a long time and they still didnt give us the water we asked for) we left without getting our water and that is the first and last time we're gonna eat at that IHOP location. I hope IHOP does something about this and hire people who truly have the heart and service in doing their JOB. (VERY DISAPPOINTED)

Aug 13, 2016

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