IHOPservice and food

I arrived at Ihop in Lafayette at 2:30. I've been to this particular restaurant many times and always have a good experience. This time, to be blunt, was terrible. We waited 15 minutes to be sat in a nearly empty dining room. The server (Karlee) acted very irritated in response to questions asked and wasn't very helpful when she did respond. Never once did she even smile. We put our food order in at around 3:00.See Top 10 Worst Companies in West Lafayette, INWe didn't get our food until 3:45. The hashbrowns were cold, one of the orders was wrong, the chocolate chip pancakes were just plain with a little cluster of chip around an inch in diameter in the very center, and the poached egg was dismembered and sitting in water. When the meal was over, the server wouldn't even give us our tickets, insisting that we just pay at the register. This resulted in people paying for the wrong meals.

Apr 30, 2017

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