IHOP Restaurants / the pay certain people are receiving is less than minimum wage

Statesboro, GA, United States

Listen my IHOP I am am employee of is the Statesboro ga location owned by madjid farshci they make you sign paperwork when hires that allows them to take 40 cents an hour from you and they pay people minimum wage minus 40 cents every hour which makes it 6.85 an hour plus the cooks only make about 8 per hr some less than that and the training in the store is almost non exisistant I worked there for almost 4 years before and am aware of how to do everything but the only other cook pretty much that does know what's going on is the assistant store manager and should not have to cook I know I could help our store achieve better standards and reviews if given the ability to do so as you will see the info on social media is even wrong about the store brandy isn't and hasn't been the gm for more than 4 years and we are open 24 hrs on Friday and Saturday

IHOP Restaurants
IHOP Restaurants

Sep 19, 2017

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