IHOP Restaurantsthe ihop on stringtown road in grove city, ohio 43123

We went to this IHOP to have dinner on November 9 2018. It wasn't that busy but the 1st thing that we noticed was all of the tables that were full of DIRTY dishes. We decided to stay because I REALLY wanted some of those GREAT IHOP pancakes. After waiting a while someone finally came an asked what we wanted to drink they got that for us and said they would be with us in a bit we said OK. While waiting we noticed that the people before us had also only been served drinks and they had children with them. It was only my husband and I. So we waited and waited and waited this wait took an hour to hour & an half then we finally said that was ENOUGH waiting. I am diabetic so I can only wait so long. While waiting I decided to video all of the dirty tables that had NOT yet been touched.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Grove City, OH One family came in and they said they couldn't seat them because they had NO available tables for there party because they were DIRTY! When we finally left to go next door to Fazolis the tables were still the same way. NO ONE had even attempted to clean them. We went to Fazolis where we were able to get our table & food in @ 5 minutes. Some of our friends had told us about this IHOP and there BAD experience but we said we will just try it our selfs and see. Well what we found out was that our friends were telling the TRUTH and we should have listened to them. In an hour and half all we got was my husbands pop and my coffee. We tried to be patient as long as we could but we WON"T be coming back to this IHOP EVER again and we will also let our friends know not to waste there time either. We are NOT people that go around complaining this is only the 2nd time I have had to write a letter like this. We would appreciate a return letter stating what your going to do about this. Thank you for your time. Our email address is [protected]

Nov 27, 2018

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