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Henrico, Virginia, US
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On Sunday, November 19, 2017 around 11:45AM, I left IHOP due to the long wait and lack professionalism among the staff. When I arrived to meet my father at 11:20AM, who had been waiting for 25 minutes prior to my arrival, there were no hosts or cashiers to greet me or the 8 people that were standing near the podium when I arrived. There were over 30 people in the waiting area and some families left. During this time no one came to check on us or explain why the wait to be seated was taking so long. I noticed that as families who finished eating were leaving and tables were being cleans off no one was coming to seat us. Even the person bringing to go orders did not acknowledge anyone waiting but the person receiving food. After 10 minutes a waitress walked up to the host booth, peeked at the list and walked back without saying anything to us waiting. After another 10 minutes an employee (not a manager) came to look at the list of people waiting when approached by a customer to see when people would be seated. The employee had an attitude and complained that they were going to leave because they couldn't take this. When the customer stated that there were tables and they should be seated the employee replied, "I don't know how many times I have to tell y'all for y'all to understand that the cook is not producing orders fast enough and if I seat you all then you will be waiting for your food for over an hour." The employee was still talking to the customer with the same attitude and tone when I left.

This is just one of the incidents that I've encountered. Many times I've witnessed people walk out due to the wait or the hosts or cashier would be complaining in front of customers.I've seen customers be seated and then forgotten about after they've waited for 30 minutes to be seated. Also, I've never seen a manager come to alleviate any of the waiting conflicts or help speed things up. The waitresses typically do not help out and ignore customers in the waiting area.

The wait is understandable, but none of the employees seem to know how to diffuse angry customers or talk with empathy to customers.

My resolution recommendation: I would like for IHOP headquarters to send uncover managers or directors to dine at this IHOP location and evaluate it. I believe IHOP directors and officers need to revamp the entire staff at this location to make the dining experience more pleasant. Perhaps customer training workshops or seminars. If that cannot happen then that location should be closed since it is starting to receive a bad reputation. I will no longer eat that the Laburnum IHOP location.

Nov 19, 2017

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