IHOP Restaurants / closed before posted business hours on two separate occasions

This is the second time that l wanted come in to this location and got a BS excuse as to closing

Posted closing time is 10 pm Monday - Thursday

We came in at 9:14 pm

We were told the manager said we could close early to clean?

I ask to speak to the General Manager because the waitress said he was here.

After waiting for minutes this young looking man happens to claim henisnthe manager.

I then am bamboozled when lol ask for the general managers information and then asked to wait again. Only to be presented with a half sheet of paper with Victoria and a phone number [protected].

Seriously last time it was the cook went to take his child to the hospital.

This to me is particularly suspicious business practices.

I grew up in foodservice. I know how this experience is supposed to go.

I hope you find resolution or turn this around or close this location for them not meeting your standards.

Jun 05, 2018

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