IHOP / no knowledge of advertised menu

On March 20, 2017, I visited the IHOP on Centerville Road in Garland, Texas. I ordered the sticky bun waffle as advertised on television. My waitress brought me a regular waffle with syrup and pecans. I advised her that was not what I had ordered. She tried explaining to me that it was the same one advertised. Again, I said no. She brought the manager and they were both clueless and did not understand. Finally, the waitress brought me the sticky bun waffle. Everyone in my party had eaten and was ready to go at that time. I got a to-go box and took my sticky bun waffle home.

Are the employees trained? They should be familiar with the menu. Quality service cannot be given if you do not understand the menu. I was very disappointed.

Mar 22, 2017

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