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dear sir i m having student account with icici bank vashi branch acc no [protected] since 2003.
Recently while doing some transaction thru net banking a request went for new debit cardwith grid (i dont know how?) free of charge. Thinking that its ok, i didnt take any step.Now when after around 3 months when i didnt get the new one and old one also stopped working i asked customer care. Their reply is quite disgusting as they are saying that it was sent by OVERNITE XPRESS and your address was out of coveragre so we destroyed it and you want again apply for a new one and rs 300 will be charged .
Surprisingly they have one branch of icici bank in the same town whom they are saying out of reach and is it my mistake if they are unable to deliver? atleast they should inform me or at leat send me an email?

hear is some extract from their email

dear customer care officer

it is your resposibility to deliver any paper/ card to the mentioned address not just if it is returned by some courier service then destroy it and even dont inform customer and sit cud have been sent by speed post also.Or at least u cud have bothered to inform me by sending one normal email.

i think any address within india is accessable by you and no where in your terms and conditions it is mentioned that it has to be sent only by OVERNITE EXPRESS .What type of customer friendly attitude you are showing that is beyond my thoughts.

If possible activate my previous debit card, i am quite happy with that and yes i m not asking you to provide me grid no, i have this much basic sense that it is not safe to provide grid thru mail.

Why should i pay for any new debit card when the last one was not delivered only to me?? i neither destroyod it nor returned it, it is your headache to get it delivered in any mentioned address or update your bank terms and conditions that it only covers regions which are covered by OVERNITE EXPRESS .

See Mr. customer care officer, i know tactics used by ur good bank to raise charges on every small and big issues like not sending card then saying out of delivery area.FATEHPUR has one icici branch i hope your courier service is reaching there otherwise god knows how do u running that bank??

I want either my previous card activated or send me another free of charge other wise i am bound to visit RBI and /or consumer court coz i can not accept such silly reasons of OVERNITE EXPRESS.



--- On Sat, 15/8/09, ICICI Bank Customer Care <customer.[protected]> wrote:

From: ICICI Bank Customer Care <customer.[protected]>
Subject: RE:'ICICICARE=[protected]' Product: Bank / Old Customer / [protected]
To: "[protected]" <[protected]@YAHOO.CO.IN>
Date: Saturday, 15 August, 2009, 10:19 PM

Dear Mr. Sudhakar,

Please note that, we will be unable to deactivate the third level authentication facility (asking grid values).

Your ATM/debit card has been sent to your communication address on May 5, 2009 through OVERNITE EXPRESS and the same has been returned to us undelivered with the reason " NON SERVICEABLE LOCATIONOUT OF DELIVERY AREA " and for security reasons your card has been destroyed after 60 days.

Please follow these steps to apply for new ATM/Debit card:

* Click 'Bank Accounts'
* Click on 'Service Requests' from the left-hand side menu
* Click on the link 'Apply for a Debit Card'
* Click 'Reissue of lost/damaged ATM/Debit Card'
* Enter the required details and click on the 'Submit' button.
* Enter the transaction password and submit the request

You will be given a Service Request Number for your reference. You can also track the status of your request by clicking on the link 'Track your Service Request' available on the 'Service Requests' page.

You will receive the debit card within 10 working days at this address as in our records:

Alternatively you call the 24-hour Customer Care for the same.
To know the customer care number please click on the below link

You can co-ordinate with any nearest ICICI Bank Branch to collect the non personalized INSTA debit card.

Charges: The charges for the new debit card is Rs.200 + 10.30% service Tax. If there is no sufficient balance in your account your ATM/debit card will not be processed.

Note: Once the request for the new ATM/debit card is processed your old card will be blocked.


Vara Lakshmi N
Customer Service Officer
ICICI Bank Limited

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Title: Mr.
First Name: sudhakar
Last Name: shukla
An ICICI Bank Customer: Yes
Product: Bank
Account No: [protected]
i requested for upgradation of my debit card to grid one, it has not received me till date and my account showing as i have been issued this debit card, more ever i can not do any net transfer as it is asking for grid digit but i have the normal debit card.i request you to let me retain my original debit card if you can not issue/deliver me grid one as at least i can do net banking by that. thank u.
E-mail address: [protected]
Correspondence address: 424 rajendra nagar colony hariharganj, Fatehpur up-212601
City: fatehpur
Country: India
Pin Code: 212601

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      Aug 31, 2010

    sir my debit card is not working. pl reactive my debit card no.[protected]

    kamal kumar

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