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ICICI Bank / fraudulent transactions - no resolution - savings account debited

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I had been given an ICICI bank Debit and credit card a/c when I had joined my company FirstSource (earlier known as ICICI OneSource). Although I had used my debit card frequently I didn’t really feel the need to use my credit card a/c. However last year in July there happened to be some fraudulent transactions on my credit card a/c which included transactions at a petrol station and transactions for Gold.

I had spoken to the bank about this and raised a dispute as advised by them however had not received any confirmation about these transactions. I had received calls from the recoveries department asking for the payment (sometime during Oct – Nov), however hadn’t received any call or letter from the disputes department. In addition, whenever I had asked the agents from the recoveries department about the status of my dispute; they would say that they are not aware of anything, however will check and get back in a day or two but had not lived up their word. In fact, I had also visited the agents at the bank on a few occasions and they said they would get back in person or by mail however hadn’t. I did make numerous phone calls and also sent faxes to the bank about my dispute however they hadn’t got back with any suitable reply.

Lately I received a letter from one of their lawyers asking me to get in touch with them with regards to the payment and so I did send them an email and also logged a complaint onto the ICICI bank website. I did get a reply this time from their head service quality stating that the dispute had been resolved in the bank's favour. Further on when I had a discussion with one of the executives in that department I was informed about the same thing, however there was no explanation to the fact as to why they hadn’t responded to my earlier complaints and confirmed the details of the disputes and enquiries that I had made earlier. Therefore, I went ahead and asked them for the proofs based on which the transactions had been resolved in the banks favour. I asked them to provide me with copies of those dockets. The bank did agree to send me the copies however asked me to wait for a month.

In the interim, when I received my salary for the month of April ’07 into my ICICI debit card a/c I was shocked to find out that all the money from my account had been taken out. I did get in touch with customer care and one of the managers there kept stressing that this had been done according to the terms and conditions. He too couldn’t find any record of me being contacted by the bank to confirm their decision; and informed that the dispute had been resolved in the bank’s favour and on being questioned about this mentioned that he did not have access to any such details (whether the disputes department had sent me any confirmation). He also mentioned that the recoveries team would not have access to my account details and hence would not be able to comment on the status of my dispute however did confirm that they had access to my debit card account to take all my money out; which I found very strange and nonsensical. To add my shock he also mentioned that he wasn’t aware of Subject Access Request and there was no way that I could have any access to the information that they hold in regards to my communication with them.

After a few months I did receive a copy of one of the dockets which was for the Gold transaction (approx Rs 18000) and was informed that the dockets for the other 2 transactions (Rs 700 Approx) had been misplaced and hence the amount will be waived off my account. Incidentally, I had managed to recover the dockets for the other 2 transactions during one of my meetings with the Fraud department last year. And, when I look at these dockets none of the signatures match that of mine and an even bigger surprise here is that each of these signatures are different from each other.

And when I brought this to the notice of the executive from head service quality he asked me a copy of the 2 dockets which I had and mentioned that he would forward them to the Chargeback department. I went ahead and personally handed the dockets to him. Later, when I got in touch with him after a few weeks he informed me that the dispute had been resolved in the bank’s favour. However, when I questioned him for some justification he asked me to again send him scanned of those dockets as he had misplaced the ones that I had handed him. So I went ahead scanned those dockets and sent them to him. And I kept receiving calls from the recoveries department. So, I again contacted this person and he again mentioned that the dispute had been resolved in the bank’s favour.

Now I am terribly tired and frustrated of wasting both my precious time and money of being behind these goons. I am now totally convinced that they do not bother about their customer but only about the money that they can steal from them.

Overall, I am very disappointed as I have been ill-treated and mishandled by ICICI Bank in spite of being such a loyal customer and also a part of their sister concern. I feel this bank is not bothered or does not value their customer’s time, money, wellbeing or satisfaction. I did have hopes of this matter being resolved by them and I have waited longer than any person would have, for a resolution. And now, as recommended by one of my dear ones I am turning to you with great trust that you for sure will help me obtain justice and free me from the mental torture that my family and I have been going through.

Yours truly,

Arcadius D’souza.

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      5th of Dec, 2007
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    Arcadius D’souza,

    Approach them legally, then only you will get your money, back into your account.



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