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I went to the Hyundai dealer in Roodepoort Westgate on the 11th of November 2009. I selected a Hyundai Matrix color light grey 2006 model. I was phoned the Monday that my loan was approved and that I can get the car the next afternoon. Upon getting to the dealer I was told by Jannie Schoeman the sales man that the car that I selected was sold to another person as well on the same day and he already picked up the vehicle. I was told by Jannie that the Hyundai Matrix that I have now is a better deal and it is a later model. But when I saw the car after signing the contract and it had a lot of scratches and dents on the body. I spoke to Jannie about it and he said he will arrange for the car to be fixed.

I drove the car home that afternoon and only drove it again on the 13th of November going to the airport. Half way there the brake light and ABS light came on with a loud ping sound. I phoned the dealer the next day to speak to Jannie but was told he was ill. I left a message for him to phone me and I also told the lady at the switchboard the problem and she promised to give him the message, Jannie up to this day never got back to me. I took the car back on the Monday and I showed the manager all the problems and told him about the lights and sound its making while driving. I also told them that the car shutters when I brake.

The car was with Hyundai for 2 weeks where they had to repair the body work and also do a service as there was no service book or record of any services done on the vehicle. They also had to fix the problem I had with the car.

Gerald told me it was the hand brake therefore the light and abs light came on with the sound and he said they had fix the problem.

Needless to say the problem was not solved and I the spoke to Theo Van der Walt.
I also phoned Gerald one day driving home from work and I held my phone so he could listen to the sound. I was told that I am driving with the hand brake on and I said no I am not and then he told me that my door is open where my reply to him was I am driving on the highway and my door is not open.

I phoned Theo again and he said I must take the vehicle back so they can see what the problem was. I took the car back on the 21st of December and was again told that it was the hand break that is causing the problem I told Carno that they have looked at the hand break when I first took the car back. He said they will have to take the car apart to see what the problem was. I took the car and phoned Theo when I got home I told him that I was not happy with the fact that I have to drive up and down because they don’t know what the problem was. I also said to him that I have spoken to the bank a few times and that they said he can give me another car. He said that he will look into it and will phone me back.

Theo never phoned me and I phoned him again on the 28th of December and he told me to give him some time because he is busy dealing with the bank and that he is going to give me another car. He also told me that it is a Hyundai Assent 2007 model and it is blue in color. He even phoned the bank for a settlement amount. This is the reason I have not taken the car back because he said he will trade the matrix with another car.

Theo now claims that he never told me that he has another car and that I asked him to find out from the bank for a settlement amount so I can trade the car in. This is not true and he is lying to the bank to cover up.

I would like for somebody to please go through their books to see if there was a car he promised me. I am sure that when a car is on the floor that the car is booked on their system and who is telling the truth

I would like for a replacement car that I choose or that the contract be cancelled. I think it fair that should a technician go out to inspect the vehicle that Hyundai carry the cost because the bank and they are aware of the problem from day one.

Julie Duvenhage

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      22nd of Feb, 2011

    Hi, i took my car for a 30 000km service at the Hyundai Stridom Park. The car came back I was advised that the breaks had to be replaced and I agreed to replace the breaks. I was advised that my excelarator gable had to be replaced and it was not covered by the warranty and that I had to pay for it. I bought my vehicle in Dec 2009 I cannot undersdtand how can this be possible. I was about to purchase the excelarator gable and called Hyundai Roodepoort they advised me that the gable is still under warranty and only to find out that a whole lot of things had to be replaced on the car fan belt, air con gable, petrol pump. I am really not impressed with the life span of this car. Hyundai Roodepoort agreed to replace the parts that are faulty on the vehicle

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