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I purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe 2003 in 2008 with 30, 000 miles on it. I am faithful to routine maintenace on it, but also because of my warrenty coverage.
In August, while driving my car on a busy roadway, it just quit. I had it towed to a mechanic, he checked it out and said my timing belt went, at 63, 000 miles on it. He went to change the timing belt, which I might add was not under warranty, and noticed the water pump was in tough shape, so I told him to replace that, of course the warranty company wanted copies of all the maintenance records sent over to them before they would cover the cost of replacing the pump. Well, all the records were in the car and the car was on the lift, so that was impossible to do. Anyways, they replaced everything and couldnt get the car started...come to find out my car engine was destroyed!! Over a bad belt!!! I had to ask people for money to replace my engine, because I am currently out of work. I called Hyundai and they basically said to bad, the timing belt should have been changed in 2007, I didn't own the car in 2007 and why would anyone change the belt with under 30, 000 miles on it...I would like Hyundai to refund the money it cost me to get a new engine...$4000.00 - should I say used engine, because they redid the engines for that model in 2006 and of course it would not fit my 2003... This is very unfair to me..and I would like to be compensated for all this.

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  • Po
      Sep 20, 2010

    First of all, you should include who sold you the car and who repaired it.

    Second of all, it's pretty well known that Hyundai timing belts go out around 60, 000 miles. A bad timing belt can destroy your engine. Do your research before buying a car. It's not like it's a secret.

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