Hyundai Motor Finance Company / computer glitch resulting in invalid account

Columbus, United States

If anyone else has had this problem let me know. A few months ago I paid my payment online as normal but received a call after a few days saying it was denied saying there was a processing issue. I tried paying again by phone and a few days later received a call saying it didnt go through again because I was not giving them a valid account number. I called my bank and they confirmed I had the correct number and plenty of funds in my account. After arguing with hmf I was able to speak to a very nice helpful gentleman who explained I was not alone and the issue was with western union dropping digits during processing resulting in invalid account numbers. He said he would waive all fee, put a note in the system, and got the payment to go through. I thought all was great and moved on. I paid again the next due date online and had no problems. The next payment I tried to do online again but this time the account told me it had been locked. I called and they said they locked it because I was giving invalid account info. I explained the situation, but they said their was nothing I could do as the lock was already in place and I would need to wait 90 days for the lock to be undone, in the mean time I would need to pay by phone. This also means I have to pay the fee each time to western union (doesn't seem right).
The next payment I tried to make on the phone and was told it was not possible then I was sent to costumer service. There I was told I owed a $40 fee from the issue months past. I hung up after arguing and when I called back later I spoke to a different rep and she said its not showing I was blocked and was unsure what was wrong. She also said there was no note about the computer glitch.
If anyone has had this glitch and had to fight through this please let me know. I am very confused with it all and at the point of getting an attorney.

Apr 28, 2014

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