Huntington Bankunethical behavior and very poor customer service

I deposited a check. A hold was placed on my entire account. I inquired why the hold was placed when the funds were cleared from the issuing bank. I can not get a straight answer. My friend has an account and her funds were available the next day.
Not only were funds placed on hold I can not access any money from my account. I was told to contact the issuing bank. I did. I was told to call the branch. I did. I was told to call corporate. I did. I was told to contact the hold department. (They don't talk to customers)
I have been yelled at, belittled and hung up on by the local bracnch and corporate customer service.
At this time, I just want to take my money out and close my account. Yet, I can't because "the check might bounce" is the newest one. Even though you huntington bank have the funds!! And have told me that you have the funds, yet don't know why my account is still on hold. This has been going on since 1/18/17.
The funds may be available on 1/27/17 is also the newest even though the funds were released from the other bank on 1/19/17. How do I know this, because my parents who wrote the check physically went to there bank and had their bank call my bank. And the check from the same people that went to my friends account was cashed with no incident!

Jan 24, 2017

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