Huntington Bank / cashing a check

Mount Vernon, OH, United States

I did electronic deposit from a check from my husband to do an automatic payment for our house payment. His bank doesn’t have this option. So I put the check in and your bank put a hold on it for 8 days! I move a lot of cash through my account and have never had issues with bad checks!!! When I got an email noticed it was on hold I called customer service. A lady told me that my husbands bank told Huntington there was not enough money in his account to cash his check! I for one know for certain there is $1, 555 in checking and $1, 632 in savings!
So I called him at work to tell him what his bank told my bank! We called on three way and his bank confirmed there was plenty to cash that check!!! And that they never noted a reference for inquiry about his balance for funds.
So I call Huntington back again! Get another guy that tells me I was told wrong on last call. That the amount may have looked suspicious so it was placed on hold!!! I can’t stop the transaction. I can’t speed it up. And there is nothing we can do but wait out the 8 day hold! Which is making our house payment late!
This is the most absurd situation I have encountered with Huntington bank!
When this is cleared up... I intend to close my account and take my business elsewhere!
This just blows my mind!!! When I never have issues with bad checks or over drawn accounts... I just don’t get it! I’m furious!!!

Oct 23, 2017

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