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Huntington Bank periodically has an offer to get $150 by opening an asterisk-free checking account. I decided to take advantage of their offer, and started the application process on-line. After entering all my personal information, I could not go any said I had to go into a branch office to verify my ID. This was on a Saturday, and the branch offices were closed until Tuesday, and the promo expired on Sunday. I went in to a branch office on Tuesday, showed my ID, and said I needed to finish my application. I was told by the banker that the $150 promo had expired, even though I started the application before it expired, basically too bad, so I left. I went home and on Huntington's website, they showed a new $150 promo, so I started to apply on-line for that one, then I received the same message I received before, have to show ID. So I went to a branch to finish opening; the banker had no idea what that promo was, he had to bring it up on his computer after I told him it's in the front page of their website, and was told that the offer applies only if you open on-line; explained I started to apply but it wouldn't let me finish. The banker then called customer service and explained the situation; after being transferred and on hold numerous times, he handed the phone to me, and the person took my application over the phone and assured me I would get the $150, he just had to find the promo code. So I finished applying, was put on hold while he looked for the code; he couldn't find it, he told me he would call me back tomorrow while he researched this. I'm still waiting for his call 2 days later; I'm going to close this account if I don't get this promo, I've wasted 2 hours of my life trying to get this promo that they advertise, and not going to waste any more time.
In short, Huntington offer a $150 promo, but makes it nearly impossible to actually collect it, due to their own internal incompetence.

Feb 20, 2014
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  • Jb
      13th of Feb, 2017

    Huntington scammed me too! I went through the entire application and successfully opened an acct. I did EVERYTHING that was required. Waited a month and finally called to see why I hadn't gotten the $150 bonus. Customer service told me the promotional code wasn't entered and there was nothing she could do about it. I clearly remember entering the promotional code!!! I have transferred my money back to Chase where they don't tell me lies and make empty promises.

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