Hungry Jack's Australia / noise complaint

i have rang the beaudesert store on numerous occasions and spoke to a man named tom who said he would take care of it but it is still happening every day just about, the problem is i have the motel right next door with people trying to sleep at 10pm and 6am, i have train drivers on shift work, there is one employee who insists on parking near the fence and starting his car and reveing it at these times, his car is very loud, now after all my communications with the store and asking nicely if he could park a bit away from the fence he still insists doing it, i dont know where to turn to, there is a massive car park with no houses on the other side where he could park but no he wont do that to keep the peace, do i have to ring the council and put in a noise complaint or do hungry jacks need to upgrade the fence to sound proof it a bit more, i dont know iam just sick of asking nicely to fix the problem and getting sick of being woken up at around 10pm with a fright, its that loud. anyway i hope you can help me as i dont want any hassles as i hate complaining, its just getting past a joke, and lots of my guests go to your store so lets see if we can sort this out please. wendy mckenna. beaudesert central motel. [protected].

Jul 25, 2018

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