Hungry Jack's Australia / meal and service

South Toowoomba, AU

Absolutely disgusted in the dealing with Hungry Jack Toowoomba south.
I am a previous worker for four year so I know how the business is run and how they handle their customer service.
My partner and my self ordered a meal for two, which includes 1 whopper small meal and a tender crisp small meal. I asked for peri peri sauce and cheese and bacon to be added to the tender crisp. And for extra mayo to be added to the whopper. And for the meal to be upgraded to large.
We also got a snack pack (6 nuggets and a large chips)
Once we had ordered we drove around to collect due to both myself and my partner being previous employees we did the hellos and how are you?
Every thing seemed fine, we collected our meals and off we went. We live 35km out of Toowoomba and once we had arrived home we tucked into our burgers only for my partner to find his whopper had Peri peri sauce, cheese and bacon. He was so disappointed as it was already 9pm and now he couldn't eat his dinner because it was too spicy. Everything else was fine other then that.
He was very annoyed as not only has this happened but everytime he orders a burger the boys will play jokes on him and hide jalapeños on his burgers he has told them to stop but they never do, this is getting rediculous!
So he rang the Toowoomba store to let them know and the manager was very blunt and rude and told him it is our fault because we use to work there.
We should apparently check our burgers before leaving, and she stated "you know it's 9.30pm and you should know how busy I am, I don't have time for this ###"!
"It not the boys fault it is yours"!
I was so appalled in this, and how she treated us as customers!
She also stated because we are previous employers she will not give us a refund nor a replacement order.
Extremely appalled in how we were treated tonight.

Mar 22, 2017

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