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I went into Hungry Jacks Clarckson on Saturday 2/12/2018 I ordered a couple of whoppers Firstly there was only one girl serving two girls picking the orders people waiting to order and at least one of them just standing around joking with the others and the manager was just leaning on a bench out the back, when I finally get my order I ask for heavey mayo got charged for it and it had no more than the other burger the had normal mayo.
I have sent you a photo of the lettuce that was inside the burgers. I also ordered two sundaes one with heavy chocolate and the other without topping I was charged $0.50 for heavey chocolate and normal price for no topping how does that work you don`t take into account the money you are making on the one with no topping.
This is the second time I have been to this store, I was totally disgusted. I am sorry for complaining but I was so angry.


Hungry Jack's Australia
Hungry Jack's Australia

Dec 03, 2018

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