Hungry Jack's Australia / drive through service and availability of menu items

Port Kennedy, AU
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I do believe that hungry jacks port kennedy is the worst hungry jacks in wa. Every time I drive through hj's our order is always either wrong or they have forgotten meals we have ordered this is no exaggeration. When I drive through I make sure they repeat my order plus I insist that they provide me with a receipt. My children order their frozen drinks from there and every single time they don't have any flavored available or limited to 1 which is usually the mango flavored which none of my kids like. We have also had the icecream machine not working on several occasions as well. If you don't have these product stop advertising these on your menu board because you never have them. Our meals are never hot and I actually wonder if it is even at the right health standard. The chips and onion rings are constantly cold or stale. The staff that work there all need to have more training in customer service/relations as none of them seem like they want to be there. They come across rude and arrogant with out even a smile when you greet them at the window or in store. I am deeply disappointed and disgraced in the port kennedy hungry jacks. They seriously need a massive make over and get their # sorted out because the word of mouth for this place is not good as a lot of people in this area feel the same.

Mar 23, 2017

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