Humanahealth insurance

H Nov 27, 2017

ON Friday, 11/24/17 I had a phone appt. with a Julie Martinez [protected].
The phone appt. was for 1:00 and a Humana sales rep appeared at my door.
It was someone Julie Martinez had sent and when I told her I was waiting for the phonecall. She told me it was better in person. She came in and kept repeating the same excuses. SHE WAS A HUSTLER!

She was rude and disregarded my concerns about being prepared. She gave me her card and snatched it back before she left. She had 3 names,

I called Julie this a.m. and she didn't want to talk.

If they don't have a deal between them I would be surprised. As a result I am highly offended and will never use Humana for anything. You only have a 1 Star rating.

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