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Louisville ky, United States
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Well I've been looking for rheumatologist for two months the ones posted in my plan are not a acceptable at all their complaints and reviews are on the down side. The one that I chose to go a while back well let's just say the medication that was prescribed maybe deadly ill even though I had complained about what I was feeling they did not take a interest they just kept prescribing it to me so I stopped it called up the specialty pharmacist and he indicated that I was allergic to it and that's how I was having all the symptoms when I tried to explain it to the doctor he completely ignored the issue I guess you didn't want to hear it it's easy to sweep it under the rug. So I called up humana and complaints The Next Step was to try and find a new rheumatoid doctor well that didn't go well they didn't have much in my area most them were 19, 20 miles and more no one wants to drive that far when that bill they will all in downtown Tampa and tampa not near to my home or my surrounding area they had nothing new at all I looked on their website up and down when I called them they had no answers so I guessed my next step would be to pull out a new man

Jun 23, 2017

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