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I purchased a couch in April 2016. The couch arrived about 4 to 5 weeks later by extremely rude deliverymen. Not only were they unfriendly but they said they couch would not fit through the doorway. They told me my only option was to hire someone for $275.00 to have the couch taken apart and put it together back in my home. They also mentioned that by doing this it would void warranty. The other option they gave me was to have them take the couch back and be charged a delivery fee and order a completely different couch that did not fit my set. Instead of doing this I had to hire a moving company to send men over to try and get the couch in. These men got the couch inside within 10 minutes. They was no reason why these men felt it would not fit since I have two does that open to about double the size of the couch. I think they were upset that it was raining which makes it worse because they left the couch outside under an awning after telling me it could not be done. I then asked Finance if I can be reimbursed the money I paid the delivery men to be reimbursed. After 6 weeks of calling Flor billing department I was told they will do this but I would need a receipt. Since I paid in cash I did not have a receipt for this purchased and I was told there was nothing they can do.

After about a month I realized the couch was not as comfortable as I remembered. I called numerous times about this but the customer service rep said there is nothing they can do if the couch is not broken. I then went to the showroom sat and on the display couch and turns out my couch does not nearly recline as far as the one in the showroom. I called Customer Service numerous times since they never seem to answer the phone and finally got an answer. I explained the situation and they sent a specialist over. The specialist was unable to come for another 2 weeks. He informed me that I do not have the correct parts in my couch and he will order them but it takes about 4 weeks. 4 weeks later I received the parts waited another 2 weeks for the specialist to come back to tell me that they sent me the wrong parts. I asked if he would take the incorrect parts from me and he said policy is that I have to carry the boxes myself to UPS and send them back. Before the specialist left we realized that he had put a tear in my couches fabric when trying to insert the incorrect parts. He has pictures of the before and after showing that it was in fact not like this before he came. He added this to his notes on things that need to be fixed for the next visit and took multiple pictures. So far every experience with Huffman Koos has been bad besides the friendliness, honesty, and timely manner this repair specialist had. I have no complaints for him or his work.

So now I have sent the parts back and am waiting for new ones. It has been over 2 months waiting for the new parts. I call customer service at headquarters every day about 7 times a day. If I am lucky they will answer the phone once a week and tell me they have no updates. FINALLY 7 weeks later they told me they got the parts but they weren't shipped to the right place so they are waiting for them to come back. 2 weeks after that they told me they received the parts and sent it to me but do not have a tracking number and to call back. Like I said I call everyday multiple times a day and they finally answered a week later saying the parts people are not in and to try again later. I still have not received the new parts and finally spoke to someone today who told me the parts department does not have the password to access the system which makes me wonder what they can be doing all day if they cannot get on their computer. I am awaiting a call back today which will most likely not have because leaving voicemail's, getting told they will call back, leaving complaints on the website, has never resulted in any sort of feedback.

If by any chance I do get a call back today and the parts arrive this week I will be lucky if I can get a specialist over within the next week or two leaving me with a broken couch for 9 months.

Things to note before making a purchase which I hope this makes you change your mind:

-Delivery service men are rude and do not actually deliver
-finance is all over the place and takes weeks to tell you what they actually need
-Customer service is atrocious and does not answer calls and when they do they say they are short staffed or come up with an excuse for why they cannot help you
-You may have a broken couch for almost a year.

Nov 28, 2016

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