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Sunshine Furnituremassage chair

Paid for a brand new massage chair on 5/19/19. Received a chair 8/7/19. I paid for a brand new chair, one with a great 3 year manufacturers warranty. What I received was a well used floor model with the warranty sticker torn so the warranty is voided. They admitted they sent the floor model to me and refuse to fix the situation. They first offered me $300 in-store credit or $150 cashback. After filing a formal complaint with the BBB they offered me $500 cashback. I paid an extra $400 for an extended warranty package. That $500 barely covers that part let alone the cost of actually repairing this thing, because as I told them one of the rollers was already starting to have issues the day I received it. They say the extra warranty is still good, which is really deceiving. Parts of it are still good, the parts that involve special cleanings for the machine which I will probably never use. The internal components that I actually purchased the warranty for, the third party company who services the extended warranty say it still needs the sticker to be covered. All I asked them to do is give me the chair I ordered, brand new, and take this used floor model that's been sat in by thousands of random sweaty people walking in off the street. I wouldn't have taken $500 cashback for this floor model if they had delivered it that day, let alone wait nearly 3 months to receive it. I at least have them admitting to the fact that they swapped it for the floor model so if I have to take this to small claims court then I have written proof.

Here's most of what was written in the BBB complaint
I paid $6, 293.97 for a brand new massage chair (Cozzia Qi SE cz-710) from sunshine furniture. What I received is a well-used floor model with a voided warranty that they swapped in its place without notifying me. I did not realize the swap til a couple hours after I signed for the delivery. I have been trying to handle this problem with the store for over two weeks without a resolution. I have not even managed to have a single conversation with a manager in this time frame, only lower level staff who say I have to talk to a manager. Despite the fact that I have contacted the store over half a dozen times over the phone and walked into the store 3 times in the last two weeks. The manager is apparently never at the store and will not return my calls and the lower level employees say all they can do is pass my message along to the manager. I gave them warning that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau if they continued to ignore me. I was hoping to avoid filing a formal complaint, but they have left me with no choice.

First Chair:
I purchased a massage chair from Sunshine Furniture in Tulsa, Ok on May 19th, 2019. I was told it would take up to 3 weeks to be delivered to the store. A couple hours after making the purchase I was looking closer at the receipt and with a little online research noticed that they might have ordered the wrong chair color. I took my receipt to the store the next day to make sure they ordered the right one. I was directed to a man who said he was in charge of making the orders and he said that the model numbers you see online don't necessarily match what is written on a furniture receipt, but that he'd look into it and make sure it was the correct one. June 28th is when I found out it had arrived. I arrived at the store on June 29th to pick up my chair. Upon arrival I see that the boxes say white instead of black and looking inside to verify, they were the wrong color and the exact one that it said online. They asked me if I would take the floor model that day or if I would rather wait for a new chair to be shipped. I told them that I preferred to have a brand new one. They told me that they would reorder the correct chair and throw in delivery and install for the trouble. I found that to be acceptable. I went in the next day to add my new home address since I had moved from one house to another during this time frame and did not originally have it set up as a delivery.

Second Chair:
August 1st I call to see if my chair is ready to be delivered. I was told that it was still listed as pickup instead of delivery so they had to talk to the manager to find out about the delivery. August 2nd I call back to see if they had sorted it all out and they said they had the chair and were going to deliver it. August 7th the chair was delivered after multiple calls from the delivery drivers because the store didn't give them my updated address for the delivery. I did a quick check around the chair to see if there were any obvious signs of damage during the delivery process and didn't notice any and upon plugging it in it turned on and we ran the demo mode to see that the rollers were moving and everything. At this point I thought everything was okay so I signed for it and went about my day. A couple hours later I finally found time to try out the chair and when I sat down and started using it I found the rollers at the bottom not hitting me quite right so I got up and noticed the seat wasn't zippered in, while trying to correct the zipper issue thinking they had just overlooked it while putting it together I noticed a rubber band, a bubble gum wrapper and food crumbs under the seat. I started looking even more closely and found more crumbs in various crevices as well as drops of dried liquid. Behind the padded backrest a strap is almost completely torn away from what appears to be wear and tear. The plastic tags that hold price tags on were still attached just pushed into the chairs padding to where it wasn't so noticeable. The tablet which controls the operations of the massage chair has three slots for custom massages which according to the manual I downloaded online are supposed to be blank until you create them, but they were already created. Going around the backside I see a layer of dust at the base and that the label that reads "warranty void if seal is broken" was broken. After completing my inspection of this chair I realized it was not the brand new chair I purchased, it was the floor model. After waiting for three months I was so excited to finally have it I didn't even think to look for this kind of deception. This chair has obviously been well used and has a voided warranty.

Resolution Process:
I immediately called them that day before business closed. I was told that they would let the manager know and he'd contact me. August 8th I called again and was told he would call me by noon the next day at the latest. August 9th I called after that time had come and gone and they said he'd call me back. A person called me back later that day to say that the manager was busy, but he was looking into the matter. August 10th I called again and was told he was not available, but would call me later that day. A man by the name of Daniel called me to apologize about the mishap. He told me that when they got the chair in the second time that it was the wrong chair again and they sent the floor model instead. He told me that they were looking into a way to compensate me for this error. I decided on the 11th I'd go to the store to try and have a face to face to see if they had worked anything out. I was told by a lady at the front that the manager is also a preacher so he doesn't work Sundays. I went in again on the 12th and went to the back counter this time. They said the manager was contacting the owners about the issue and that's why it was taking so long. I felt like they must be coming up with a good reasonable offer since it had to involve the owners. On Friday the 16th I called back to see if there was any progress. Once again the manager was not available and I was told he would contact me back. I went in to the store again on August 19th. The manager wasn't available, but the customer service lady did send him a text. He texted back with a response; I could have $300 in store credit or $150 cash back and I keep the Floor model. I informed them that I found that offer to be completely unacceptable and listed off what I would find acceptable. I informed them that I would give them a few days to see what they could work out or at least have the manager actually contact me to open a dialogue before I informed the Better Business Bureau. The number one thing I said was an acceptable offer would be for them to send me a brand new chair like I ordered and they could pick up the floor model they pawned off on me. At this point though if they were to send me a new chair if they had any remorse whatsoever for what they've done to me they should offer a little compensation since the manufacturer's warranty is from the date of sale and I'm losing out on that time. I also said I'd be willing to take a 100% refund if they wanted to take the chair back. I explained what it would take for them to make me keep the floor model, but with how little they offered me for that first offer I don't expect them to give me an offer that I'd be willing to keep the floor model. What they offered me doesn't even cover the extended warranty they sold me that's been voided. Even if the extended warranty did still cover everything it's supposed to, it's not how it was meant to be used. The section that covers the motors and all the other gadgetry should only have to be used after the 3 year manufacturer's warranty leaving that company with two years of that service, not the full five years because the original warranty has been voided. Plus the manufacturer's is an all parts and service. The extended warranty has a list of things it covers. Regardless the extended warranty is either voided as well or I have to completely misuse it and screw over a secondary company because of Sunshine Furniture and I don't appreciate that situation.
If Sunshine had at any point told me they were trying to send me the floor model I would have told them what it would take for me to accept it. Any floor model furniture I have ever purchased from a store in the past with either wear and tear or slight damage or defects has been offered to me at 30% off. For a massage chair though, people like to play with them in stores constantly. They don't follow the weight restrictions, because they are unaware of them or don't care. If this chair breaks down it is an uncomfortable eye sore in my living room til I shell out enough money to fix it. For that reason I would have needed 50% off. At this point though between the deception of this whole situation and the fact that they sent me something that they got to use on the floor for three more months while me and my wife are at home still in pain because we are waiting on our massage chair I would want $4, 000 cash back. If they try to offer me in-store credit it would pretty much be the purchase price of the chair at this point because it is worth much less than cash back. Even in their above offer they acknowledge that by offering double in store credit than they do cash. This offer may sound ridiculous, and Sunshine Furniture had every right to discuss that with me before sending it and saying no to me. Instead they sent it in this deceptive manner and know that they have me over a barrel.
I tried again today Aug. 23rd to contact the store to see if I could even get somebody to talk to me. They told me to hold for a moment and put me on hold. 30 minutes later they still hadn't even bothered to come to the phone and say sorry for the wait. I hung up and called back and left a message with the person at the front to let the manager know that I would be submitting a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau later this evening, but I might hold off if he bothers to call me. I have not received a call.
The lack of communication with this company is astonishing. If anybody with any authority would have bothered talking to me I wouldn't have bothered with this complaint.

08/28/2019 Receive Business Response
To whom it may concern:
In regards to Mr. Christ complaint The offer that was offered is a fair offer. The floor model was accidentally delivered out to him. We had to chairs go out on that day of delivery and they got mixed up on the dock.Customer service has reached out to Mr. Christ to offer him a refund of 500 not a credit a refund. Also any issues on the chair would be taking care of. There are no issues that we are aware of except he stated he found items in the chair. 5p0 is a very fair offer.

08/29/2019 Received Consumer Rebuttal
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First of all the only offer I have received was the $300 credit or $150 cash back. No customer service agent has contacted me in regards to a $500 cash back offer. I have not received a call from a Sunshine employee since August 10th, unless they called from a personal number and didn't bother to leave a voicemail. Second, I have mentioned that the chairs warranty sticker was torn which voids the warranty. How is anything going to get fixed on it if the warranty is voided. I have told this information to at least three different individuals so if you have not received that information then you need to talk to your staff about communication. I don't want $500, that does not compensate me in my opinion since I am going to be on the hook for all the repairs and the rollers are already starting to have issues, which I have also mentioned to your employees. I want a brand new chair like I ordered.

09/09/2019 No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal

I had more information including pictures that I submitted to the BBB.
I spent over $6k on this chair. My family is not rich, we barely justified buying it because we felt the medical benefits over the years was worth it. We needed some pain control in our lives. I love the chair, I'm just disappointed in Sunshine Furniture. It is impossible to get anybody of importance to talk to you. As you can see from above even in a BBB complaint the second you dislike what they have to say they just stop talking you. That's why you can never get management face to face, they want to be able to walk away from the conversation and pretend like they tried. I don't even know what to believe when they do speak. The guy I talked with from sunshine almost a month ago said the the 2nd chair that arrived was the wrong one so they chose to send me the floor model. The BBB response says it was a mix up. So I don't know if it was deliberate or truly an accident. Just like I don't know if it's a lack of communication between employees is why in the response they said that there was nothing wrong with the chair or if they intentionally disregarded it. The more I deal with this company the more I feel like its all intentional. Just like how they lied about a customer service person reaching out to me about the $500 offer. I checked both of the numbers I gave, neither my ***-2105 or my ***-1928 ever received a voicemail or had any missed calls from a known sunshine phone number. At this point as much as the massage chair helps my physical body, the stress from my mental state leaves me worse off than before I purchased the chair. As much as I want this chair I would accept a 100% refund for them to take it back. It's not worth the stress they are causing. I can honestly say this is BY FAR the worst company I have ever had to deal with. And since they don't seem to be so keen on resolving this issue, the only stress relief I have is to spend all my spare time spreading my story to other individuals in hopes that they will not have to go through such a horrible experience.

massage chair
massage chair

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    Sunshine Furnituresunshine furniture

    My husband and I bought a sofa and a love seat from Sunshine Firniture in Tulsa Ok. When delivered the sofa was missing some of the pillows. We bought the set on July 15th today August 10th we still don't have pillows and I have called three times to speak to the manger of the store he will not speak to me. Receptionist tells me he will call me but, he hasn't. Customer service tells me they will check on the pillows but that is only when I call them. I am 65 and bought lots of furniture, but this has been by far the worse experience. Will never shop there again.

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      Sunshine Furniturecustomer service / dishonesty

      I bought $5000-$6000 worth of furniture, 2 1/2 wks, ago. I was told some pieces could take up to a week to come in. After a week, no one called. After 4 to 5 days of calling and leaving messages for my salesman, Ernest, and the manager, Earl, my husband called and got a response. Yesterday, two mattresses and a mattress base were delivered. I ordered a brand new mattress base (around $1, 000) and paid $300 for the extended warranty. They brought the "as is" floor model, which had a tear in it, covered by duct tape. The delivery guys wouldn't even unload it because they were so embarrassed. I called and asked for the manager, he was "in a meeting." I told the operator I was coming in to get my $6000 back, and for the first time, Earl got on the phone and said they would deliver a brand new base and that "they appreciated my business." That brand new base never came. My husband had to go to the store and listen to BS excuses, after our phone calls were ignored, and pick it up himself. The manager attempted to insult my husband, which didn't go very far. I will NEVER buy furniture from them, again. Also, I looked at my receipt and was charged a $369 delivery fee? I have NO idea what that is about. For now on, I will only go to Ashley Furniture and ask for Brandia, who has texted me from her personal cell phone to update me and ask how my delivery went, etc.

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        Sunshine Furniturewon’t return deposit

        Oh, the bitter taste of REGRET... I made a BIG mistake shopping here. Warning to everyone... do not put money down on anything if you are not 100% sure it will work in your home. I put some money down on a sectional I wanted, but when I went home to measure my space, I found that it wouldn't work. I went back to the store to get a refund of my deposit, and after getting the runaround from several people there, I finally spoke with the one customer service person they have on staff and was told that I could only get a refund of 20% of the ENTIRE cost of the sectional. (Not 20% of the deposit). Their sales tactics are extremely underhanded because my sales associate, Robie Eid, never game me the invoice containing this critical piece of information about their refund policy until AFTER I HAD ALREADY PAID MY DEPOSIT. He never called my attention to the refund policy... he only stapled my paid receipt to it so I had NO WAY of knowing the policy until it was too late. Robie Eid should have notified me about the refund policy BEFORE I paid a deposit. Any ethical salesperson, knowing their policy, would have recommended I make sure it would fit in my space BEFORE I put money down. This to me stinks of underhanded business practices. Please learn from my mistake and take your business elsewhere.

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          Sunshine Furniturestay away from them

          I bought my bedroom furniture from Sunshine and paid a pretty good price including a new mattress set and delivery and setup. On the day my furniture was to be delivered, the incompetent delivery driver broke my outside light and didn't offer to pay for it, then after spending 2 hours trying to put it together, they decided they didn't have the right hardware and would have to come back the next day. They finally arrived the next day just to waste my afternoon by telling me that now there is a manufacturer defect and would have to return yet another day meanwhile they left the pieces scattered all over my bedroom and put a whole in my closet door with the bedposts. I tried to call a manager and was always put through to customer service. I finally got my bed set up after 3 days but then they also didn't have the support boards for my mirror so it never got put on my dresser. Never again!!! I will stick with Mathis Brothers.

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