HSN / horrible negligent customer service

So I tried ordering something off HSN but the order wouldn't go through. I called customer service and they said there was a block on my address. Apparently it was put there by a previous customer. I told them that it wasn't me who put the block on and that I lived in apartment 1 so if someone else put it on, why should the address block be applied to me who had nothing to do with it. They said they would send the request to their supervisor and resolve this issue. Almost two years later and the block is still there. Nothing has been done. They promised they would call me back when it was resolved and they didn't. I have called them over and over again and they always tell me the same thing. They say they are sorry that it hasn't been resolved and they will try again to get it sorted out. They promise me that they are doing something, but in the end nothing happens. The block is till there. I have been VERY patient. Seriously, TWO YEARS!!! I am really getting tired of this and I wonder if they even care about their customers.

Nov 26, 2017

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