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Resolved won't refund

While taking care of my 88 year old grandmother with dementia, I found all the closets in her house filled with HSN and QVC products. Still in the original packages, with receipts. I have spent months sorting out the mess, and I have to say QVC was a class act, took everything back. HSN on the other hand wouldn't even discuss it, although all of the items are still on their website for full price and they would lose nothing by taking back this junk and reselling it. Instead they have robbed an old woman of her social security checks!

  • Ci
    Cindy Apr 28, 2009

    So sorry about this situation with your mother. I am glad you had a good experience with QVC, as mine was terrible. They refused to take back a jacket I bought because it was over 30 days from the date of purchase. They also refused to help me get reimbursed for an AeroBed that was defective. The second time I used it, the valve broke off and would not retain air. I finally sent them back my credit card and I am still fuming. Oh well, live and learn.

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  • XXXXXXXXXXXXX May 05, 2009

    HSN is a bully. They bully their customers. QVC is pretty good at helping out when Grandmother goes wild.

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  • Jz
    JZE Jul 10, 2009

    I need HSN fax number. Does anyone have it?
    What state is their corporate office located in?
    please email me [email protected]

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  • No
    nomorewhining Nov 17, 2009

    I used to work for HSN and, quite frankly, still cannot believe how customers think companies should take back items that were purchased 6 months, 1 year, even 3 years (yes- I had a customer like this) prior. Come on! These companies are running a business. No one conned your loony grandma into purchasing things. I hated the customers that would run up all 20 of their credit cards and then call customer service asking how they are supposed to pay for it... Seriously, no one told you to order a bunch of crap and run up all 20 of your credit cards. If you walked into Wal-mart asking how you are supposed to pay your credit cards that you ran up or return aged items--- they would laugh you out of the store!

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  • Jz
    JZE Nov 17, 2009

    I had never purchased anything on HSN before.
    Until I purchased a Kodak camera that was false advertised as coming with a lithium rechargeable battery. That statement is what made me purchase the camera.
    When the camera arrived, it not only did not come with the rechargeable battery, as the description stated, but Kodak informed me that the model was not even compatible with one. Meaning, I could only use it with 4 AA batteries which only last through about 4 uses. I asked for a refund and never got one until months after I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I asked in my complaint that HSN be made to take off the false advertising about the camera off their website and last I looked it was still on there and another lady I "met" experienced the same problem I went through.

    I will never purchase anything from them again, this was my first, and last experience with them.

    It is unreasonable for anyone to conclude that because of this experience I am a "whiner".
    People should be forewarned of this. This presented an extreme inconvenience to me which HSN never apologized for.

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  • We
    westyjames Nov 23, 2009

    you are so right!! hsn is very deceiving, as well as total liars. I could hear the tv from my computer where I was looking into something they were showing on tv & they were actually saying things that were not true according to their own web site. how do they get
    away with being thieves? anyone else would be in jail by now. they actually sent me used ( I could tell that it was used already) products. 1/2 empty jars of creams that I immediately returned only to be charged a return s&h fee. I had went through kind of a run with them all at once & could not believe how many problems I had with their items. I could go on & on, until I wised up & stopped stopping with them.

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Resolved no cust. service

HSN deliberately deceives customers concerning shipping policies. While the information relayed on the web site is 5-10 days for shipping, Customer Service tells you verbally that it is 16 days.

It has been 12 days since I ordered a ring and am still waiting for it. HSN refuses to do anything about it until at least April 4. However, they have my money. Their statement is that, 'It will arrive any day now.'

I tried contacting Corporate, and they say there is nothing that can be done.

Warning: If you buy from HSN, be careful. You may or may not receive what you order.

Resolved terrible company

I purchased a Gateway notebook through HSN. I started having problems the day Igot it and wanted to return it. I contacted HSN and was told ok to return computer to HSN Returns, Dock-SPC 10, 4697 Crossroads Park Dr., Liverpool, NY 13088. I sent it through USPS and insured it for $800.00 I was told that tracking information through my local postal service will be connected to my insurance receipt. I return computer using the above address to warehouse in Liverpool, NY. When I contacted Gateway return department I was told that they never received my computer and they have no way of tracking the package and they can not provide me with any warehouse information. I would have to contact USPS since they are the shipper. I contacted HSN and they told me the returns are handle by Gateway and they will not be able to refund me my return if gateway don't have tracking information. So I went back to USPS and they said it was delivered to Gateway. USPS told me to get a letter from Gateway stating they did not receive my computer, but Gateway has given me the run around.

Nither company is taking ownership of the problem or to locate my return I have been getting such a run around... Both companies refuse to give me any help. I have over 12 phone calls to gateway and over 8 hours of being on hold or just hung up on.

  • Li
    Lisa Apr 28, 2009

    While taking care of my 88 year old grandmother with dementia, I found all the closets in her house filled with HSN and QVC products. Still in the original packages, with receipts. I have spent months sorting out the mess, and I have to say QVC was a class act, took everything back. HSN on the other hand wouldn't even discuss it, although all of the items are still on their website for full price and they would lose nothing by taking back this junk and reselling it. Instead they have robbed an old woman of her social security checks!

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Resolved don't do business with them

I ordered a canon FS10 camcorder with bag. The price was good but when I read the reviews on the site i was skeptical whether I should use this site or not? I had heard of HSN before on TV promos.

I thought I would take the risk for the price I'm getting. Amazingly I got the product in 2 business days and the condition was perfect.
I would not mind doing business with the seller in future.

Resolved innova inc

Handles on pots on Innova cookware guaranteed for 50 years have detached from pots. This product purchased...

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Resolved bad service

I purchased a Gateway laptop as a gift in May 2008. It was supposed to come with over $700 of software. I received the computer and gave it as a gift but the software was not with it. When I called HSN I was told it was being shipped separately directly from Gateway. I told te gift recipient that software was coming but it never arrived. I conteacted HSN over and over by phone and by email for months. They kept telling me they would contact Gateway and get back to me but never did and I never recieved the software. I finally recieved an automated phone call tellign me to call Gateway directly. After getting the runaround from them I was told that I had 90 days to report that my order was not complete and since it was now over the 90 day limit I could not get it and would have to contact HSN. So I called HSN again and was again told they would research it and get back to me. I received a letter telling me that the product was unavailable and that I could return it for a refund - HOWEVER I was over the 30 day return period !!! SO I called again and again spoke with a supervisor who told me unfortunately I was never going to get the software but I could have a partial refund which was not enough to cover the missing items. She said she would try again to contact Gateway and call me back. My call was never returned and when I called again tehy had no record of my calls and the very rude supervisor asked me why I waited until November to complain !!! I exoplained to her again that I had called and emailed over and over and she finally found some sort of notation on it. When I asked for th eprevious supervisor I had spoken with I was told there were two by that name and neither was in and she would email them and get back to me. I'm sure I'll never recieve that call...

  • Ra
    Rand May 30, 2009

    I ordered a Bissell floor steamer for my new home. With it I ordered the replacement pads at the very same time. The steamer arrived and works wonderful. The pads never arrived. I called HSN who said they were delivered. I said they were not delivered to me. HSN agreed to refund the pads. A week later UPS informs me they delivered the pads...to my previous address. Remember, I ordered the pads at the same time with the help of a real person. I called HSN to help them clear this mess. "No problem, the situation is fixed." Or it was until I got a letter telling me that they had proof from UPS of the delivery. I called back again and again it allegedly cleared up...until the next letter came. I called yet another time and again, "it's fixed." Yesterday, HSN billed my credit card again. I called back and supposedly, it will be fixed within 7-10 days.

    If I seem skeptical with HSN, can you blame me!!?? Frankly, I am horrified that this simple transaction has continued this far, for this long without anybody able to override the company's computer and lack of people skills.

    I suspect this issue will not be fixed and I will be out my almost $27, a small penalty for me but in the end, a lost customer for all time to HSN. I hope that HSN considers it worth it. As a retail district manager for a national retailer, I terminate the employment of associates for this lack of action and failure to resolve a customer's issues.

    HSN...your services are no longer needed nor desired.

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  • St
    St. Louis Sep 08, 2010

    I purchased a cam corder and a cleaning product from HSN and it was sent to my old address. When checked on order and learned of this requested to have it reshipped. They refused yet expect for me to pay the flex payments on the order. They were rude and not helpful in this matter at all.

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  • Gt
    GTGT Jul 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Te
    Terry Clay Jun 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a large set of the huggable hangers and found that the 4 bar hangers break on the first use. HSN would not stand behind them and directed me to Ingenious Designs, who never answers the phone line. I will not be purchasing any more Joy Mangano products not only because of the flimsy product, but the poor treatment of customers trying to contact them

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  • To
    Tonya34 Sep 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah the customer service sucks. They played those cards with me too, stating that they didn't have any record of me calling. Well the jokes on them because I recorded every conversation. I also saved every fax confirmation sent to them from my financial institution. They said they didn't get that either.

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Resolved ultrex

I made my first purchase of ultrex in 2001 and now I have cookware which is worthless. So much for believing anything hsn says about warranties. Never again! If there is a class action suit filed against this company (Hsn/innovex/ultrex) please count me in!!

Resolved scam billing

I purchased a GPS system which I returned with insurance. I waited 1 month to be reimbursed and when I wasn't I called and they told me to track the package if it was insured and fax them the tracking information which I did that stated it was received

in Atlanta Georgia two weeks after I mailed it. They reimbursed me 2 days later at which time I discarded all information on same. Then 1 and 1/2 month later I was sent a letter from HSH stating they had not received my return and they charged my debit card for the GPS that I did not have. I called and was told that they need a signature from Atlanta Georgia. I was told that Atlanta Georgia was one of their distributors. I told them then get your money from them, they have your package.

Then a supervisor told me how sorry they were and they could do nothing!!!

sold as authenic handbag not real

I purchased in 2006 at the end of the year a Doney and Bourke sachetel style handbag via HSN it was sold to me as an authenic handbag. I contacted them back questioning it's originality and again I was assured that HSN only carried the real Doney & Bourke handbags. At that time I complained that the straps did not appear to the the ture quality like others I had seen. I was told to contact Doney and Bourke and they assured me also that HSN only carried their original bags and I therefore reqested the registration on my bag for which they did provide me with that information. I used the bag for only 3 days when first purchased in 2006 and not again until 2008 in January at this time I began to notice that the strap on the bag was peeling and that there was a very fine cut under the bottom of the bag on the leather part. I paid top dollar for this bag! I visited the Doney and Bourke store in Williamsburg recently to notice and be told that their ture bags always have the name lable and/or tag which is also leather within all of the bags. My bag only has a tag with bar code and the DB initials. What should I do to recoup my monies and make my complaints?


Constance R. Mason

terrible service!

HughsNet is by far the worst Internet Service Provider in the freaking world! You have to spend hours on hold, hours talking to every GD Gandi in India and still get no help. Try taking it to a english speaking supervisor and you'll get the same thing. Idiots with no customer service skills at all. Only thing HughsNet knows how to provide and provide good is charging ungodly amount of money for absolutely zero service. One can only hope that all the economic problems going on will affect them as a company and rid us of such shady businesses.

  • Am
    amy Jun 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had big issues with my service. My hughsnet was installed on 6/11/08. I had it shot off on 6/12/08. I was told that I had thirty days to decide if Iwanted it or not. Yea right LIARS! I could disscounted and pat $400, but would be refunded $200 if I shipped and paid for shipping the equipment back.Bull crap.
    I spoke to more then one person who kept telling me that they could not doing anything. I then spoke to a supervise, who informed me that the day my service was installed they tried to bill my credit card, which they did not have permission to use. So make a long story short after all this run around I contacted corporate and spoke to a very nice lady named Rebecca. She was the only one willing to fix the issuse for me. The corporate number is 301-428-5500. Calll them with your issuses because you will not get any where with customer service. If we keep passing on this number maybe they will see that they can't keep doing bussiness the way that they are and fix the issuse.Hope this helps.

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  • Ra
    R. Arriaga Sep 07, 2010

    I connected Hughsnet in November 2009. When I placed the order I was not informed about a contract. I specifically asked if there was one and they stated there was not. The installer arrived while I was not at home and charged over $100.00 for a router that he stated was needed and was not. My room mate unknowingly paid for this un-needed piece of equipment. (SCAM) That next day I checked my checking account and they had debited my account for $449.00 when I called them they said that was the cost of the equipment. I stated that i was not buying but leasing. The installation which was quoted as free with no contract now cost an additional $149.00 instillation and equipment fee for a total of $249.00. Today September 7 2010 I was notified that I had to vacate my rental house. Property was sold. I called Hughsnet was placed on hold for forty-five minuets. When an operator answered she stated that early termination of a contract would result in a $400.00 penalty. I explained that I did not have a contract and she explained that there was nothing that could be done I would be billed. I asked for a supervisor. His accent was horrible and barely understandable. His comment you will be charged period. I have contacted BBB and they stated Hughsnet has a very bad reputation with many complaints. To date I have had my service interrupted many times. I am only allowed 200Mb maximum in a 24 hour period after which the service locks-up. It is only available without interruptions sometimes between 2:00 am and 6:00 am if the 200Mb limit is exceeded you do not have service until twenty-four hours after you exceeded this limit. Tokens are available for $5.00 for each additional 200Mb. If you call customer support you are charged almost $4.00 a minute and they download their updates and charge it to your allotted 200Mb. This results in not having service sometimes for days at a time. I just learned about the corporate number and was informed that I may receive better service with them. I hope this information is helpful in deciding if you want to receive service from this provider. 301-428-5500 is the corporate number.

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  • Br
    Brookolson Apr 09, 2015

    They steal money off my cc anytime they feel like it over drafting me nonstop after being told to take card off file and never touch it again. They say I'm sorry I can't do anything by a supervisor and what do you know they do it again!!! Need a attorney!!!

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online scam!

HSN is issuing credit cards through GEMB. I attempted to pay my account online., after registering my bank information and other personal information. I paid one payment online 3/3/08, on 38/09 I received notice that my bank had refused payment because I refuted the payment. I called my bank. My bank said nobody from HSN GEMB had requested payment and they know I did not contact them to refute payment. I spoke with regular HSN customer service 3 times, the times I was referred to the credit card side. Until reading this site I thought perhaps I had keyed in a typo on the routing number or bank account number. When speaking to the credit card folks (who are out of country (outsourcing) they first could tell me none of my personal info was accessible to them and they couldn't correct it.

They kept referring me back to normal customer service, who then transferred me back to them. The third person I spoke with said she accessed the information and it was blank-no routing number or bank account number had been filled it. This was clearly inconsistent with their own email saying they had the information to submit the bill, did submit it and was refused payment. The email is inconsistent with the bank (who I have had zero problems with for 15 years). After reading the complaints about GEMB I am now terrified that I am at HIGH RISK for identity theft. I have canceled the card and requested a paper final bill. I think I was phished and don't know what to do.

Resolved electionic payment

Too many problems with credit cards. My purse was stolen and when I got all new cards some of the statements were made electronic, so I said how can I pay it if I dont see it, I dont check in online everyday or even read all emails. Plus if my credit card paid my online bills then everything is canceled. An electionic payment at hsnmastercard waited 3 weeks to tell me they didnt have all the numbers and sent the payment back. Its so funny they didnt charge a late fee but changed my apr to 30%interest. I said u see I tried to make the payment the money is in the bank and the old check information has the same info. I said u can take it back to were is was or I can just not pay it. Paypal did me the same way and then fixed the problem and took my apr back down. Mastercard is still being stupid when its not even my fault they didnt get their payment, it told me when I hand the number in reverse im sure it knew that I had all the numebers in there I did it 5 times and made sure it was right.

rip off!

I hate being scammed by smooth talkers. Hughesnet is so bad two tin cans and a string is a faster way to get info. My wife and i cannot even watch the damn commercials, with that carrot top saying "all you need is a clear view of the southern sky."What she should have said was " all you need to do is bend over and hold on tight" The fact that i now know that they have 5 levels of tech support, is the reason i burned up 3 cordless phone batterys, umteen hours of my time, and countless babbling with OOCHKMIN Al HOOCKALOUGGIE.

  • Ad
    adam Jan 12, 2008

    That was true and funny i have hughesnet too it s*cks.

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  • Pi
    Pilch Family Mar 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, we are a CAPTIVE customer here. I am pretty sure as questionable at times our cell phone reception out here used to be, and how often our phone lines had too much static to hold a download of government documents, I sometimes wish we hadn't signed a contract with the only pirate in the business of internet. The Hughsnet folks.

    I'm now looking into hooking up my cell phone to the computer as I am sure it's alot better and cheaper to maintain (cost $325 to repair the system this time). Yes, two years and five service calls I have HAD it with this pathetic excuse for a satellite company.

    Now after three weeks of phone calls and shipment of parts, and finally a tech, I find the final JOKE! I apparently use the computer TOO MUCH and I am an "orange" after only one week of service! Yes, can't get the pages up for FIVE MINUTES at a time, if it goes through at all. Which means these folks clearly have TOO MANY CUSTOMERS on their satellite and rather than not take on more customers after last months fiasco with one of the satellites, they are making the situation worse and worse.

    Orange means I guess my "service" is a sad illusion, and Hughes is claiming I'm 'greedy' for service in their explanation. No, no viruses, not downloading huge files, but I DO have a company who has techs that think if the internet is running for five minutes, and SHUTS DOWN before they fill out the paperwork, then they have done their job. The tech told ME I had to get another service call or wait til it came back on (it didn't, turned out the equipment installed was bad). The SAME tech told his office I needed a pole (so the satellite dish could sit lower so I would DEFINITELY not get service as I live in a remote area with trees). Yup, I refused to pay 200 more for what sounded like nonsense and came to be determined as nonsense. I was mislead to believe a pole would be taller than my house. But what do you expect from a tech that won't admit he didn't install the system to WORK.

    Yes, I told the Hughs folks NOT to send the same brain dead tech who installed the nonworking system, and they did anyhow,... over and over again. Finally the system was...working! Yes, they had to send someone other than a guy who only knows how to install TV satellite systems! Guess two way was too much for a dish network installer to comprehend, but WHo CARES if the customer has no internet if the dish is sitting where its supposed to and he can fill out the paper fast enough to get out of the house before the signal DROPS again because it isn't done right.

    Cable company says we're too remote. Basicly I'd say if you live in a remote region, save yourself a TON of aggravation, about a grand in repairs and set up fees in less than two years, not counting the 70 a month, and just get a cell phone with a cord hookup. Bet the service will be MUCH FASTER.

    ANYONE KNOW WHO THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT IS? I am interesting in seeing if I can get more than ONE WAY COMMUNICATION ("...the system sucks... Tech: "Why no, it's just the weather." ) Maybe dates and excess fees (200 for a modem after six months of use) can be INTELLIGENTLY discussed in a court of law. Does anyone know the address to their legal department so my credit isn't screwed up by these con artists? I really need to either get them to credit me for the poor service and their chance to FIX the problem, or to be let out of the last onths of this contract I hold.

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Resolved innova out of business according to hsn, all ultrex warranty are not supported

I have purchased a 17 piece Ultrex Gourmet Quality Cookware set from HSN with a 50 year Warranty. After using...