HSBC Personal Banking / missapropriated funds

United Arab Emirates

The HSBC personal banking customer service in the UAE is dreadful. And that's being kind. When things go OK (e.g. internet banking) it's fine. But when something goes wrong it is hopeless. Trouble is, no one senior in HSBC is listening and meantime the customer service team cover up for each other passing the buck from one to the other. On 4th November, I transfered US$ 3, 000 from HSBC UAE to HSBC in Indonesia. Someone in HSBC sent the transfer to Malaysia by mistake. It's now 17th November and my funds have not been refunded even though HSBC admit they have made a mistake. In any other international bank (with credibility) as soon as the bank recognised a mistake had been made, the missing funds would have been refunded immediately, and the bank would then undertake a separate investigation to recover the missing amount for themselves. Not HSBC in UAE however. Everyone is covering for everyone else and all you get are multiple complaint numbers and they're always dealing with it, but without any results. The service team are absolutely useless. If anyone has the contact details of service quality global I would like to receive this as I am quite sure they have no idea of what is going on. This is not my only complaint aboout this bank but is the most serious so far

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