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This credit card company operates fraudulently. that rob their customers every month with their marketing ploys and cleaver billing practices. I have both cards, and is robbed every month; the balance never goes down, no matter how much I pay monthly.
No matter how much I pay per month, no matter how often I make payments, the balance always remains at a level that causes it to go over the credit lime and charged at 28% interest. this card/relationship is not mutual beneficial. if something is not done by your company to make this a better situation for me. I will not pay another dime. not a red cent. I do not like to be robbed. the only side benefiting from this relationship is your card company. I have been unemployed since october, and have paid every month, but your company finds a way each month to cause my balance to stay at or above the credit limit. fix this now.

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  • Kl
      Apr 30, 2009

    I have two HSBC accounts.The payment return address for both accnts is the same po box in City of Industry, Ca.
    I was cutting it close on one account(6 days until due),
    so I sent it priority mail.As long as I was paying additional postage I elected to put both payments, two separate money orders sealed in two separate envelopes provided by HSBC and accompanied with their respective payment stubs, in one priority mail envelope (provided by the post office).
    When I received my statements the next month, low and behold, late payment fee's.35.00$ each...
    Mysteriously, even though sent in the same priority envelope, neither payment posted until the day after they were due, a week apart?Even though they were sent at the exact same time, in the same priority envelope, one payment posted the 7th of april and one posted the 16th of april.Oddly enough both payments posted exactly one day late on their respective accounts.
    I spent a very long time on the phone getting the run around from many different people, and not one of them could explain this postal phenomenon.I was also told that their payment system is automated and even if my payment had in fact arrived in time, it could take as long as an additional seven days for that payment sitting around in their mail room to post, resulting in a late post and a fee.
    I was told that in order for my payments to post on time I should be mailing them 15 business days in advance(not the 7 to 10 days it says on my bill).
    My statements dont even show up 15 business days in advance.They refused to admit fault and would not remove the fee's.
    I was under the impression loan sharking was illegal?35.00$ for one day?Is'nt there anybody out there regulating these companies?Where's our consumer protection?

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  • Ch
      May 06, 2009

    I have the same problems. they make it so difficult to make a payment without a late charge no matter what you do. When your online payment doesn't go through, it is your fault. You must not have made the payment. They never take any late charges off no matter what you say. I have had it too and refuse to pay another penny. They have lowered my credit score and call me at work to threaten me. It is the first time I have been yelled at and hung up on by representatives of a company. I don't care what they do. I won't give them the amount they say I owe. No. ONe has to draw a line somewhere against these fraudulent practices.

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  • Sc
      Jun 05, 2009

    Me too! Due to their "membership" fee putting me over the limit, added a late fee and jacked my interest up to 29.4%! I too have verbally told them that I will not take anymore phonecalls from them nor will I make any further payments until they take me to court and let a judge decide if nearly 30% is concionable.
    My credit is unfortunately damaged and I now understand why people hit their boiling point and do unconcionable things when pushed against a wall.
    We know our government does NOT monitor or regulate loansharking practices, as this is proof.
    I now mark their bills with "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS" and send them back.
    They can take a long leap off of a short pier!

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