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HSBC / lender on motorcycle

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

HSBC is the lender for a motorcycle which I bought and my Grandfather cosigned for. Since the beginning they have made it impossible to make payments. I bought it in March of 2008 I did not recieve my first bill til Sept. of 2008. I was not allowed to make payments online which was the way it was originally set up, when I called them they would not allow me to make payments over the phone without my grandfathers S.S. number. After repeated phone calls we figured out that they had my grandfather as the buyer instead of the cosigner and still after dozens more calls they will not change it. The original interest rate was 7.5 and it is now 17.9. We tried to get the payoff so we could refinance and the payoff has gone up 5000.00$ from what the bike was bought for. My grandfather is 72 and has had perfect credit his whole life and now has a flag up on his credit. They have us trapped and we recently learned Suzuki which is where I bought the motorcycle will not do business with them any longer because of "questionable practices". I need help. They are calling my grandfather 2 or 3 times a day claiming not to have received payment in 9 months. in November we decided to just refinance I quit making payments at that time but before that the payments were made.


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