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HSBC Credit Card / harassment!

1 India Review updated:

I got HSBC card. First month i did not receive any bill. When there executive called me and informed that there is some due and requested me to make minimum payment. I made minimum payment and when i received my bill. they charged me with 300Rs. late fine and EMI charges. As per High Court order bank can not charge for late fine if user did not receive any bill

When i call in HSBC customer care there refused to reverse and told me to make all payment first then only they will block/close my credit card. Then after waiting for 1-2 months I destroyed the card and made all pending payment Excluding late fine charges. They keep on charging my expired credit card and till now it is 500. History by HSBC is as below. Even HSBC executive calls me and saying that will get money from me and they will send the police. Please suggest what should i do smb?

Statement Date Outstanding Payment
4-July-06 3658.00 No Payment received
4-Aug-06 4236.68 500.00
4-Sep-06 3864.96 No Payment received
4-Oct-06 4384.01 No Payment received
4-Nov-06 4924.79 3000.00
4-Dec-06 2017.04 No Payment received
4-Jan-07 2477.94 No Payment received
04-Feb-07 2951.71 No Payment received
04-Mar-07 2646.70 No Payment received
04-Apr-07 3131.73 No Payment received
04-May-07 3626.84 No Payment received
04-Jun-07 3823.35 No Payment received


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  • Ra
      5th of Oct, 2007
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    I am facing same problem. I have taken HSBC card last year, hardly used it. Even it was locked in my suitcase from last 7 months . now suddenly a statement of Rs. 2500 has come to me.

  • Bh
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    Dear Sir,
    I had forwarded you request on 28 feb 2007 with reference to the matter that had not received my credit card no. 4384599912524187 and it has been misused. This was informed to you to take the suitable action, But in spite of that today I got a call from HSBC lawyer Mr. R.K Verma, That they are going to take some legal action ,this call disturbed me a lot as I was considering that some action has already has been taken on this matter and I was not found guilty.

    I am again listing the facts with evidences I have already explained;

    1) I had received a mail on 30 Dec 2006 that my credit card application is registered under application reference # 200636291986.
    2) On 08 Jan 2007 I received a mail that my application is approved and application reference no. was # 200636291986
    3) I was at Baddi unit of Macleods pharmaceutical Ltd. At that time when I filled the application.
    4) I was in Mumbai from 2 jan 2007 onwards so it is not practically possible for me that I can receive the card being at Mumbai as delivery address was of macleods pharmaceutical baddi dist solan (HP) .
    5) On 23 feb 2007 I received my first statement at Baddi plant and I was informed on phone by my Baddi office that bill shows outstanding of 45000/- Rupees approximately . I called to customer care and told them to block this card immediately.
    6) Also on the instructions of customer care I had submitted an application of mishandling of credit card at HSBC Bank branch ,stationed at Kamala bhavan Swaminityanand marg near Garvare house Western express high way Near old Bhar cinema Andheri (E) Mumbai.
    7) On 17/09/07 I had received almost ten calls that warrant will be issued to me if I will not pay the settlement amount . But in between time span of almost 6 months I had not received any communication from HSBC bank.
    8) As in this whole sequence I had cooperated with the bank a lot but as I got calls today Mr. Rajnesh Sarin directly told that this fault is not from banks side as he wants to indicate directly the delivery of the credit card in the correct hands is not banks responsibility and ones the card is handover to courier there is no responsibility lies with bank that credit card is handed over in right hands or not.
    9) As per his statement any personnel working in courier services which banks are utilizing for card delivery is authorized to misuse the card if he/she requires.

  • Lo
      27th of Sep, 2007
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    I want to my new credit card status which was not delivered to me by bluedart. My ref no:-200723502149

  • Sh
      5th of Oct, 2007
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    I'm not receiving the statement from the begining and how can I pay the payment without receiving the statement and so arrange to send the statement through mail and through post

  • An
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    Useless service from HSBC they are not sending statement on time. They send 100's reminder sms'es & ph calls/call centre agents are so arrogant did not listen. I want close the card & inform every not to go for the cards.

  • Ni
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    I got a message from HSBC on my cell that your credit card will delivered with in week but till now I did not get so can you mark all details related to courier service on my email is

  • Pa
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I have been receiving call from HSBC for at least 6 months now you have been claiming to have issued a Mastercard to my wife Virginia on 12/18/07 neither one of us have ever seen this alleged card finally last week the caller gave me a number for your fraud department and Virginia called and followed the instructions given then last evening I receive a call from a collection agency representing HSBC the card was put up for collection due to the report my wife made to the fraud department how is this practice allowed to go on . I do not appriciate the treatment and attitude of the callers and why was I not given instructions to report this fraud the first time I told someone the card was bogus I need to clear this up as all the other problems I have had with my wifes identify since last November.

  • Ki
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    I have received a statement (Photocopy enclosed herewith ) for the period of 10th November 2007 to 08th December 2007 the amount stated as dues therein is Rs 1966.12.The above card is not using by me at present and even I am not interested to use.

    When I was applied for the card it was informed to me that it’s a life time free credit card there will not be any annual charges but now I have received a statement which is carring an annual charges of Rs 700/- plus taxes. It seems bank has misguiding to customer.

    The annual fees charged for another three card which is issued in in my family member s name (Add-on card ) and non of my family member have used the card even if they have not seen the same as of now. This implies harassment to the customer.

    After taking several attempt to get in contact with your customer care centre by using help line number which is mentioned in the statement there is no response from the team.

    I have never applied for add on card for my family member s name.

  • Sh
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    Did you send me an email that said I needed to correct my account or is it spoof mail? Let me know asp. Thanks.

  • Le
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    i want to you to cancelled of my extension card named to ricardo noya which i forgot his card number since he did not use the card even once.
    why do i have to pay for the membership charges to his card? he did not even activate his card. please do reply as soon as possible. i dont want to pay the charges of my extension card. thnx.

  • Mi
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I have to admit that HSBC is by far the worst credit card company i have delt with. They are stingy with there credit lines increases and the lowering of interest rates. I have been a member going on 2.5 years and never have they offered me anything in-regards to a reasonalbe offer of either the credit line increase or lowering of the interest rate. i have also used my card to travel and purchase overseas items. but, HSBC will not priovide points for purchases and the customer service agent seem to read from a script and are not hired for there customer service skills. they dont seem to care and they dont seem to have the leverage to make a longterm customer happy.
    my goal by the end of the year is to pay off the moderate balance of my credit card and cut it up. i just wish everyone that is a member do the same thing because HSBC doesnt seem to serve or care about quality customer service.


  • Gr
      13th of Aug, 2008
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  • Eu
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    I have been receiveing calls from a group that says they are calling on behalf of your Company; HSBC. They say that they can lower my interest rate on all my C/Cards that are not max'ed out. But they never tell me how they got my work phone number or if they have other information of mine.
    Is this a true Company that is calling on your behalf?

  • Re
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    I bought a motorclcye and my payment was 150.00 which I could afford. I miss a month due to some issues and they rised my pament to 385.00 a month a reported me on my credit. I tried to change my payment date and they say they cant change that for me.So now I'm also paying 30.00 more a month because I cant pay when they want be very, very careful of these people they will not work with you.They will also call you at work. I spoke with them today about the account and let them know that is why our a country is so bad off .

  • Ro
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    Company's Website Quote... WHAT A LOAD OF BULL!!

    Unparalleled Service
    As a part of the HSBC family, Card members are guaranteed worldwide recognition and acceptance, convenience and buying power. Our credit cards are designed to help manage everyday life. From the unexpected expenses, to those special opportunities that come up when least expected. HSBC works hard to develop accessible, dependable, innovative financial service products - and customer relationships that last. (Quoted HSBC Website

    This Company, HSBC, has no Concept of what a Valued Customer is all about! After 2 Years of an Excellent Credit History with this Company (All Payments paid on time), and a Credit Score of 730 they still rely on some obscure computer program to upgrade a credit limit of $600 to a reasonable credit line that is Beneficial for my Needs.

    When requesting new credit cards, be prepared to have your request ignored for weeks at a time, and upon your follow up, to find out where your Card is at, be prepared to have it explained to you that "It is not their Fault" and "The Mail System seems to have lost your request". Also be prepared to receive your Credit Card, "weeks later", and have the Personal PIN # changed to some Unknown Entity that is not what it Should be, Per Your Request. When you do go to retrieve or change said PIN, be prepared to have to rely on “Snail Mail” as opposed to a Modern Day, 21st Century Internet Interaction PIN Submission Capability, leaving you to submit documentation, over the course of the next several weeks, to try to rectify HSBC's Account Representatives Mistakes when they were taking your information over the phone!!

    Upon requesting Personal Intervention form an Executive Officer, or a Supervising Manager be prepared to be bounced from an EXTREAMLY Frustrating Automated Phone System to Operator, to being Hung Up ON, to Operator, , to another Operator “Posing” to be a Supervisor, only to be transferred once again to an Actual Supervisor who has No Actual Management Problem Solving Capabilities, and is unable to make Educated Decisions Concerning the needs of their Customers, balanced with their Inability to Provide Reasonable Customer Service!! Your only opportunity to find an individual with Administrative "Rights" to access, and override "Their Master" (Their Decision Making Computer), and Someone that Remotely Cares about your particular situation, is to write a letter that will be "Dumped into some Obscure P.O. Box Mail Stop in Salinas CA"!!

    I will be canceling this card Very Soon but I wanted to inform the General Public that it is My Opinion that ANY interaction with HSBC is not an experience that is Beneficial nor Fair to YOU, the Consumer, and is only beneficial to their Business Plan. They will take your Money and leave you "Standing At The Dance, and Out In The Rain”!!!

  • Eh
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Just now I got mail from HSBC. I applied - and received a card 14 months ago. I used it a few times - always paying off each month, to keep it clear for a big purchase, or emergency. Well, it's Christmas time and what did HSBC send me? Without any warning - what so ever, they canceled my card for inactivity over the last 3 months! Just like that - NO warning at all. But after visiting this page and reading these posts, good riddance!

  • Ja
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    HSBC has been a great cc for me, but I do agree that their paper statements arrive very very slowly. If you contact HSBC, ask to speak to a representative in the billing dispute department. They are more knowledgeable and understanding than the first initial customer service rep whom you speak with in the beginning. I finally recommend that you sign up for internet banking thru HSBC card services because from there you can see your account, and the history of transactions rather than waiting for several days before seeing your statement. Besides, it's FREE to do online!!!

    ~Good Luck

  • Jo
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I have alwalys paid my bill every month 2 months ago my wife lost her job and we called all of ower bills they all have been working with us we could file bankrupthy but to us that is not the answer but ower first call to HSBC creditcard(mastercard that is what they told us to do, we want to pay the bill only with smaller payment just until my wife goes back to work, we tried the 2nd time they said they could not help us maybe we need to write the better busniess, because that was not right for them to tell us to file bankrupthy when we are trying to pay we are not dead beets John Piper

  • Me
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    I was amazed to hear my story over and over. I am so mad at this company, HSBC put me over the limit by charging me an outragiouse fee and it hasn't stopped from there. My account is getting out of reach because they fee me to death month after month, I have never been late, great customer but they bully me & do not work with customer s at all, their tone, demeaner and lack of respect it disgusting. They have their had out for tax dollar---"A Bailout" I can't work enought ours to pay for these selfish, unaccountable, greedy bailouts as theydestroy me finacially. I could scream I'm so mad

  • Ch
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    HSBC is by far the worst credit card company out there. My wife and I recvd a card 2 years ago with a 400.00 limit used it for Christmas that year and have never used the card since I have been making minimum payments for two years and the balance is still the same. They recently raised our interest rate which raised the payment and now they wont quit calling us. Their collection dept constantly hounds us but I refuse to pay any more. I will pay these cards off at the end of the year and cut them up!

    HSBC are scam artists!!!

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