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I just got off the phone with some guy at HRRG who has been calling my number non-stop for 3 days now. He asked if I could take care of the bill now and I said no that I didn't have the money and that it would probably take a couple of months before I could pay anything towards it. He said in a couple of months you will be buying stuff for Christmas and then say that you need another couple of months and by then it will appear on your credit report. I said go ahead and report it, my credit is shot anyway because we just went through a bankruptcy (unfortunately that happened before my medical emergency). He then says and you wonder why your credit is shot - maybe because you don't pay your bills. I was shocked that he would dare say something like that when he has no idea what my situation is. He then told me to get a credit card and pay the bill with that. I told him that I didn't have one anymore because I gave them all up in the bankruptcy. He said well the doctors need to get their money. I said I am so sorry but it is not like I decided to have my appendix almost burst on Easter Sunday and had to have it removed. I said you are not going to get any money out of me right now because my hysband has lost his job and I am supporting our family of 4 right now on my income alone and there is no left over for this bill. He then begins telling me how I need to pay them or else. So I being yelling back at him until he finally says - fine just show up on your credit report and hung up. I know that I am not in the best financial shape but that does not give this guy any reason to judge me or speak to me like he did.

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      Dec 21, 2011

    i just received a missed call from HRRG with no voicemail left either. so i returned the call to find out who was calling my number. A lady answered and i asked her who are you? She replied HRRG so i again asked who is HRRG and why are you calling this number? She would not further identify who/ what HRRG was, and because i would not give my name she terminated the call. I called back and then asked to speak to a supervisor the man who answered my call the second time said they do not transfer calls and hung -up on me! I called back again and again and finally told them that since you are unable to properly identify your business or purpose of call then you need to remove this telephone from your calling list. !!! Any reputable business will give the name of company & what they're company does oh and lets not forget the proper phone service of giving your name as a representative when asked! This day in age i don't even give my name over my personal phone to strangers stating they have " business matter" or my favorite " a personal business matter" .

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