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Jacob Law Group / Jacob Collection Group Complaints & Reviews

Jacob Law Group / wage garnishment

Aug 30, 2019

I had old Fingerhut debt that they closed. Reading and learning more how that works they probably paid not very much for the debt. I knew nothing of anything they did or steps they took, until I got a paycheck with my wages garnished. I googled their number and called them. They are the...

Jacob Law Group / debt

Apr 10, 2018

Brittanie Dorrough is so rude. Asking me to get a credit card or a personal loan to pay off a debt? No, personal loan will put me in more debt and I can't even get a credit card because I have low/no credit history! She's called my school directly too many times. Ice already got a...

Jacob Law Group PLLC / debt on JC Penney acct

Jan 15, 2016

A person named Brittany, who says she is the manager, no one over her but the atty. is extremely rude!!! She hangs up in your face and talks down to you. Will not allow you to explain about anything and only wants you to pay the balance in full. That office accepted $50 payment per month...

Jacob Law Group / very rude

May 01, 2015

I am a single mother of four children. I am a full time student trying to get to where I can provide for my children. The only income I have right now is $310.00 a month in child support. Jacob Law Group began calling me about a year ago. I know I owe the money, that is not the issue. The...

Jacob Law Group / harassing phone calls


I received a voice mail message from an automated system to call them back. I was given NO reference number or person to ask for. When I called they asked me what number they called me on. I have about TEN phone numbers and I had to go through almost ALL of them to find out that they were...

Jacob Law Group PLLC / Harassment


Jacob Law Group PLLCA company hired Jacob Law Group to collect on a debt I owed. I recognize the debt and will pay when I can. At the moment I have a household of people depending on my income to eat, stay warm, and keep the roof over our heads. My income consists of a disability check, a social security...

Jacob Law Group/Collections Group / improper collection threat


I was left a message on my work phone that a 'Joe' was calling to collect a bad debt and that I had better call back today or else. When I called the firm, he would not tell me why he called, questioned the address he called and suddenly said he 'must have made a...

Jacob Law Group / keeps calling - don't know why


Keep receiving calls from the attorneys office of the Jacob Law Group. The callers do not identify the purpose of the calls . I am a victim of Id theft and will not answere calls from anyone not identifying the purpose of the call. Ms Ward if you so happen to read this, you may want to leave the reason of your call on the messages you leave .

Jacob Law Collection Group / excessive processing fees


Made a payment in Feb., to the Jacob Law Collection Group in MS. It is a past due Walmart account. Bal., was $480 (ish). Called last night 3/3, to make another payment. Was THEN informed the agency charges a $20!! EACH time processing for the payment that comes out of our checking account...

Jacob Law Group / harrassment


they are the rudest debt collectors ive ever dealt with. i am young and going through bankruptcy unfortunately and when i finally decided to pick up their phone calls after endless rude and harrassing voicemails, i talk to some trashy ###. she asked if i was aware of my debt, being polite...

Jacob Law Group / Harassment


I sent this collection agency a cease and desist letter 2 months ago and they are still calling. I am sending the second notice ou today, July 9, 2010. Not only do they not know what cease and desist means, they call all hours of the day, before and after legal hours and on Sundays. They...

Jacob Law Group / Jacob Collection Group / harrashment


I had a debt with them, but let me tell you what they did... they called my place of worship to try and find me I just cannot imagine it. I spoke to the young lady and told her that I amsure she was black and that I hoped she went to church and asked her how she would feel if sombody did...