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I have no outstanding debts, especially not medical debt. They've called and left messages once or twice...

complaint/[protected] reference number

I don't owe anything. I contacted my Doctor, I have the order sheet for the service that they claim I had. I'm not paying for anything I didn't occur. My Doctor also has no record of these test being conducted. I have PTSD and was forced to leave my employment as a result. This whole process has put me in a state I wish not to be. The date of service, 10/26/2016 is impossible, I wasn't in the area. This needs to be resolved or I will be forced to get legal assistance. This has been insulting, the people at Medina general were rude and accusatory. I refuse to give my e-mail address and there is no law stating that I must.

  • Updated by darryll · Jul 12, 2017

    Bad business! Do not deal with Medina General

medical bill

these people call me every day.I told them this was a workers comp claim and gave them the info to contact them on several occasions and called the workers comp company to get this bill settled.on july 1st I was talking to capitol one regarding paying my car note and because Im on disability I had to get my daughter to okay the transaction because she is my legal gaudarian I dont know how revenue group got on my line but the never told us who they where they took the payment that was submitted to capitol one bank that caused my car to be repossed.I didnt find out that they had retrieve the payment unitl I woke on friday and my car wasgone.I called them and my credit card company and found out it was revenue group who some how process the payment.I talked to them and they stated I called them and gave them this money.I dont know how they got on my line but clearly we where talking to capitol one bank.and this transcation went thru.I asked them several times in the past to stop calling me and gave them info for the workers comp company and was told they would not contact me now my car is repossed and they wont return my funds I asked them allow me to here recording of transaction where they identified them selves as revenue group and I was told they would contact me never heard from them.I am filing a this complaint because this fraud they where not honest and took payment fraudeuently.

  • Ko
    kooky1954 Aug 04, 2017

    The Paragon Revenue Group does not listen when a person calls them to straighten out the credit report. They have me listed for 12 medical accounts that I do not owe. There are 3 accounts listed that are the same account and shows all the same information on all 3. By my rights, all of these accounts should be removed.All 12 accounts are from CAROLINA HEART CENTER. I was making payments of $100.00 a month and that was not good enough for them. The only reason Carolina Heart Center claimed 12 accounts to collection is because my heart doctor resigned from there and I decided to go to Lexington Heart Center, so Carolina Heart Center got very upset with me when I no longer wanted them for my heart doctor. So this is what they did to me even while I was making the $100.00 payments. I called the Paragon Revenue Group and told them that I was making the payments every month but they didn't want to hear it and they told me that liens were going to be placed on everything I owed until they get paid. Well right then and there I stopped making any payments and told them to take me to court because I have no money to pay any of the accounts . The Carolina Heart Center refused to make good on their word, we agreed that I would make the $100.00 payments every month but they stabbed me in the back. I have nothing good to say about the Paragon Revenue Group and nothing good to comment about the Carolina Heart center. I would recommend that people should find another Heart Center to go to because the Carolina Heart center will throw you under a bus and laugh about it. I would never refer anyone there for medical attention. NEVER

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Rude Customer Service

i have owed money to revenue group because of bills sent to them from a Cleveland area hospital for a couple of years. It has been very difficult to pay when you don't get bills sent to you a monthly basis and called every once in a while by some of the most unprofessional customer service employees. I finally considered paying this billing online but i needed a reference number to do it. No paperwork no info. So on the weekend of 1/08/16 i called and left a message telling them i wanted my reference number, my name and to call a specific number, mobile number. Very interesting that on Monday 1/11/16 they called me, on my home number, and ask my ho they could help me, or something to that effect. I told him I wanted my reference number. The conversation began, He asked me how much was I gonna pay? I told him none of his business. He got angry with me and I kept asking for my reference number. He ignored the question and said ya know what i'll do i'll send you a pay in full bill to your house, you make sure you pay all of it. I told him to not expect that because i was not financially ok to do that. I kept asking he kept saying the same thing and call ended. I think he told me to call back if i wanted the number. Couple minutes later called them back using same number that called me, and got another male. Again asked for reference number, we kept cutting each other off, i was called rude and was hung up on. Now I know I am not the first pissed customer they have dealt with, and if this is how they react well they need to go through some new classes on customer service. I called a third time and got another male, and told him i was calling for a reference number. he gave me no problem. we exchanged needed info, and i asked some questions when talking about the previous calls. I did find that if you skip a payment they will not resend bills or for the following month, the company expects you to remember. They compare it to your car note, and i told him well as i understand what your saying, i DO GET a car payment bill every month. Hard to pay something you are never aware you owe if you aren't notified. Was also told they can't keep re-sending bills out to people, because of the thousands of customers they have. Just sounded to me like they have a amount of customers they can't take care of properly, and their workers don't know how to handle angry customers which i'm sorry to say your gonna get when calling about people's money. In the end it was the 3RD individual i spoke to that gave me my requested info with NO questions asked. He was calm and helpful. I still had vibes of anger running through me, so don't think i treated him nice all of a sudden. Got off the phone and guess what I did, got online created account and PAID some of the bill. I pay online because it is private and you don't have to deal with people like the first two individuals.

Debt collection

If a company is going to give you an option to pay the debt online then please have a visible link to go to or visible instructions to assist in directing to that option. when I called the supplied number for assistance I had been directed to an automated directory that when offered 0 for operator was then sent back to directory and never was able to ask a representative. if I am to make a payment how is it my fault if I cannot reach the company through the means given by that company?

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debt collection practices

General Revenue Group called me about a medical bill they said I owe. They did not identify themselves as an independent debt collection agency. They did identify themselves as "a debt collection for the Attorney General's Office of Ohio".
I willingly talked to them because I figured I did owe a medical debt, as I have many. I asked them for proof of this debt before I pay on it. She agreed. I continued to get "letters" but no proof of a bill. When I called the agency back, she said the letter with their account number and the amount is the only proof they provide. They continued to present themselves as working for the "Attorney Generals office"
The line they gave me is that I owe the hospital, I didn't pay, so they sent the debt to the Attorney General's office so the Attorney General could collect the debt. The Attorney General then lets General Revenue contact us to set up a payment plan. If we agree, the Attorney General does not come after us... If we don't the Attorney General will begin the process of collecting the debt. Also, there is a minimum payment each month that is required in order for the debt not to be sent back to the Attorney General... based on the amount of debt, mine was going to be $100.00/ month. Which I can not afford.
I began to feel that this was all a falsified contact - that the lady from General Revenue was lying to me... about everything... that they are contacting us on behalf of the Attorney General, that I must pay a minimum of $100.00/month, that they can not provide any other form of the bill... What do you think>?
Monday I am going to the hospital to find out more, but I want to know how much I am being scammed, or not. Anyone know?

  • Me
    mean mean Aug 18, 2012

    as long as you are paying on the bill even if it is $10 it means you are atempting to pay a debt.. send them what you can if they send it back then you have a chance to fight it... they will accept it...

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  • Ma
    marycat Aug 18, 2012

    Thanks, I'm glad there is not the minimum requirement because 100.00 / mth. right now is a lot!!!

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Awful experience

I had a medical bill from a hospital in the Cleveland area sent to them. I had received a first letter...