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Received a bill from HRRG collections in the amount of $1434 for a ER physician for my son. I had taken my son to the hospital on 2/10/10. Curious why the amount is so high as I have insurance, United Healthcare. So I called HRRG to find out what was going on and was told by a guy named "Jerry" that my insurance had been billed and they denied the claim. So his response is "check, check or credit card". Wasn't even interested in was the claim really valid? Just wanted the money, even after I tried explaining that his insurance is good and there must be a mistake somewhere. Then he says tell ya what, I'll take your money and you can resolve it and get paid back. Soooo I get online with United Healthcare and find out THE CLAIM WAS NEVER FILED. I called the doctor's billing office myself, they either billed the wrong insurance or just never filed it. They said sorry we'll take it out of collections and cancel the bill. Not only did "Jerry" lie - the insurance was never denied it had never been billed but when I talked to the doctors office they said that it is too late to file the claim so they were going to write it off. So if I had paid Jerry I would have never seen a reimbursement. This is unbelievable. I'm taking the complaint as far as it will go.


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      Aug 30, 2018

    This place is very bad news. Calling me daily with automated robo messages to contact THEM!

    Who is the victim of this? Sadly, its ME. Again I owe NO medical bills to any hospital or healthcare provider.

    "HRRG Collections" AKA "Healthcare Recovery Group" & their parent company "Team Health" are harassing innocent people like myself for no reason.

    I have read that contacting them for removal of my number will only escalate these " Automated CALLS".
    Their is no email listed on their site for "Support/Help".


    Whenever you call any Toll-Free Number, You Cannot Block YOUR Number. *67 prior to the call Will NOT BLOCK YOUR NUMBER ON ANY TOLL-FREE CALL..This is because that company is paying for your call. Most people are not aware of this. Therefore the best way to contact any company is to call their LOCAL/Non Toll-Free Number & *67 before placing the call. Too bad but finding a local number for most companies is nearly impossible.

    If I had a way to BLOCK my number, I would call them & get a feel for their attitude before confirming my number. Yes, I realize they have it already, I know...but again, they will probably assume I am their debtor & verbally abuse me (their victim) thus harass me even further. It seems like a no win situation, aside from legal action on my part.

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      Oct 23, 2018

    @Richard F15 Your rights as a consumer are being violated you need to stop all communication with them file a complaint immediately with the FDCPA = Fair Debt Collections Practice Act...They will be fined be the federal government 1, 000.00 every time they pick up the phone and call you. Also they are governed by the FTC Federal Trade Commission...they will run scared from them. Also fill a complaint with your state attorney...he is there to protect consumers in his state.

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      Dec 13, 2018
    Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] - False Billing
    United States

    Unbelievable! I have paid my medical bills, still people trying to falsely bill for nothing! My emergency room visit was paid! Stop trying to
    get more money out of people.

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      Apr 21, 2019
    Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] - PIN 1.[protected].507
    United States

    Dear All

    Please claim this bill to my insurance, I do not have to pay this ammount.
    Florida Blue: XJGH29796618
    GROUP NUMBER: 91833


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      Jan 01, 2020
    Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] - False Collection Agency
    PO Box 5406 Cincinnati OH
    United States

    I received a letter from this company saying they are collecting a debt from an ER visit a few months ago...I was very puzzled because we pay monthly to the hospital on a plan (automatic out of our account). Everything is fine on that end...DO NOT pay this company. SCAM!!! The address is a PO box, fishy.

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