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I recieved a bill today, for almost the same amount I owe the Jewish Hospital. I was concerned because I make timely payments to Jewish every month. I called Jewish to ensure they hadn't wrote me off, and they ensured me that a plan was set and that there were no issues. I then proceeded to tell them I receieved an additional bill, and they insisted I call the number on the bill for myself. She said she was unsure, and could only see the information pertaining to the ER. When I called HRRG, the (rude) lady said it was for Physician services offered. Now, what I don't understand is that the ER nurse, and another nurse were the ones that attended to my son, and if anything, a Dr. just came in, and sent us on our way. Can someone please explain to me if this is a valid debt. This bill seems unusually high, and I already have $400 something dollars outstanding...please help


  • Te
    Teacher Mr. Mike May 10, 2011

    Re: HRRG Plantation, Florida
    This outfit is definitely in the extortion business. A lady called me (Caribbean accent called herself Jennifer) about an $800 bill. I told her I wasn't familar with it so send me a copy of the bill. This is prescribed by the Fair Collections Reporting Act. She said "
    We can't and you already received the bill". She then proceeded to try and push me into using a credit card. I told her I had no credit lines open that large and she said "Just try" and we'll see what happens". I told her she was asking me to break the law just as if I were to write a bad check I knew had no money behind it"". But she continued trying to get me to use a credit card. She said they were monitoring my credit from Equifax and knew I had a line of credit available.

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  • As
    ashah007 Feb 06, 2013

    I went to the ER in Oklahoma City at Integris Southwest medical center. I had mild chest pain. Before doctors do anything i wanted to know the charges. Doc said that he/she can't do anything without doing any test. So i asked what are approximate charges for the test. Doc didn't know. So she said a junir assitant doc. She didn't know and finally after 30 min or so got someone from billing. Even she didn't know. So i said that i will not do any treatement and left. Doctor came in and said that i would be considered level 5 and no charges would be filed from doctor or the hospital. Since no tests were done, no diagonisis was given to me. They let me go, with a general note of Anxiety / Stress. Some time later, i got the bill from the doctor's office. I was told that no bill will be sent, plsu doctor said that they couldn't do any diagnosis since i didn't do any tests. At the end i figured out that it was acid reflex, since most of the times my pain was after eating. So doctor's general note that i was having panic attack / anxierty was wrong. I went in for treatement for 2 times to the ER be 2 diff doc. Heidi Methani - 10/06/2013
    Carie Smith - 10/26/2013
    They both sent me with note of having panic attack. They both said that i wont be charged and finally i got the bill for both of them. I called into TeamHealth to resolve this and told that doctor had told me that they won't be any charge. They will not allow me to talk to the doctor. If a doctor is charging me, i should have right to talk with the doctor on the charge. Doctor has middlemen people to do the work. I tried to explain to them and they are saying that the doc did the diagnosis of "Panic Attack" (Which was wrong diagnosis, since it was acid reflex). Also how can they do dianosis without me doing any tests. So just so that they me go and put something in the discharge papers, they put "Stree / Anxiety / Pani" so they can now say that they did diagnosis and so they can charge patiens. All my tried to talk to them has not been successful and they sent my file to collection agency.
    1) Doctor told me i won't be charged
    2) Doctors can't do diagnosis since i deny to perform any of the tests without telling me the cost
    3) Doctors put general diagnosis in the discharge paperwork
    4) My pain was not gone when i left the hospital

    This is a very bad practise of dcotors and now i am at the risk of spoiling my credit due to this improper practices. Please help. Call me for any questions at 405-365-7018 or 405-225-7947.

    Collection agency told me that the nurse sitting outside works for the doctor and so you have to pay the doc, even though the doc didn't do anything

    Doctor's office tell me i need to pay, becasue the doc gave me a diagnosis which was incorrect. Also how could he/she do dianosis without the tests.

    Both doctors failed to help me in my pain and also my main issue was acid reflex. Please help me to punish this fradulent doctors and their office practices. Specially TeamHealth.

    Only thing collection agency wants is to collect. They are telling me that if i don't pay, it will ruin my credit. So go ahead and pay and then try to recover the money from the physicians office. I know once i pay, i will not get anything back. Collection agency said that the nurse and other people who looked at me all works for the doctor and so even though doctor didn't do anything, i have to pay for those other ppl. Doctor himself said that i won't have to pay. And now looks like he got greedy and now wants to make common people suffer, since we don't have a choice. They will not allow us to talk to the doc. I tried to explain to them and the only thing that they want to see is money. So first you tell me that there wont be any charge and then send me a bill which there is nothing i can do about it and neither the doctors office is ready to work with patients.

    I get different versions of why i need to pay...One version from the doc office and another from collection...

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  • Jo
    joycelanyon May 16, 2013

    I thought it was illegal to REFUSE payment. My husband has ER bills that I submitted to VA and were denied. I appealed and was authorized for payment. As with all VA dealings this took over a year. All the other bills were re-submitted and paid. HRRG refuses to send out a copy of the bill to VA which would pay it. This is refusing payment!! They were very rude. I just laughed at them and told them it's their own fault for refusing to send a bill for payment and they cannot sue us because it is VA federal Disability wonder if the hospital knows they are refusing payment in full??

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  • Br
    Bret Cox Jun 24, 2013

    HRRG wont stop calling me everyday I'm at work when asleep they call me from two numbers i paid for 3 months every two weeks and they stilled called me they keep wanting me to pay all of it or 100 and higher and i cant i make only 400 hundred dollars every two week I'm glad there rich but I'm flat broke they need to stop calling me before i file harassment charges I'm sick of them calling me everyday it needs to stop especially counting i never got my original hospital bills in the first place and there trying to tell me i owe 1300 hundred dollars.

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  • Ju
    Julie Carness Oct 23, 2018

    @Bret Cox Your rights as a consumer are being violated you need to stop all communication with them file a complaint immediately with the FDCPA = Fair Debt Collections Practice Act...They will be fined be the federal government 1, 000.00 every time they pick up the phone and call you. Also they are governed by the FTC Federal Trade Commission...they will run scared from them. Also fill a complaint with your state attorney...he is there to protect consumers in his state.

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  • Mi
    Michael1387 Sep 29, 2014

    I received a notice from HRRG Sunrise, FL on 26th of September 2014. This was the "second notice". I immediately called and spoke to Jerry. Jerry talked over me, refusing to let me speak and irritating my pants off. Told me "yeah, second notice". I hung up after he threatened to send my notice to Experian right there.

    After about 2 hours, I located the phone number to the billing department of TEAM HEALTH, even though my bill said ACS primary services. I spoke to Stephanie at Team health, she stated that since they had no idea what my address or insurance information was, it was sent to a 3rd party bill collector. Great! I provided my insurance information, as well as my address. BTW- same spot the ambulance picked me up from. After providing her my information, I was able to sleep a tad bit better.

    Fast forward to 29 September. I receive another notice titled "PAST DUE PROMISE TO PAY". Immediately I call them. Sharron tells me that they have no knowledge of my insurance information, and Stephanie over at TEAM HEALTH was wrong. Collections never stop. She then told me that if I refused to fork over 1682.00 right there, she would also send me in to the good 'Ole credit bureaus. This time I had enough. " Lady, I have a 712 credit score. While I know that's not perfect, I am willing to let it go a little bit more just for you, so go ahead and send it!" She said well Sir, why would you not just pay the 1682.00 that you owe us. I cocked back, because that is a non-negotiated rate. I pay you 1682, my insurance pays me $300 reimbursed and I AM STUCK WITH A 1300 DOCTORS BILL. I really ranted on here for a while, ending with the fact that Stephanie told me that the collections would stop after I gave her my insurance. She then says, "Sir, Ill take your word for it and go ahead with putting a note in your file." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have to get angry and exhaust her excuses before she does the right thing? These people get paid on commission.

    I hung up the phone and called Tri-care. They hadn't seen the first bill from them. Hanging up again, I call Team Health back. Lady was very nice. Joni was her name. She gave me my correct account number, which HRRG neglects to put on your file. She told me they had submitted to request to Tri-care a few days ago, so that is why everyone has been unable to find it. Perfect, at least they know my information and I'm keeping up with it. But, here is the kicker! Joni tells me, and Ill leave some space so others can find this


    Pay them if you want to she says. We are submitting your claim, they're going to negotiate the rate with us, (Standard rates are given by AMA codes, you can only be charged so much for a service), and you wont be held accountable for that bill. You're estimated cost share is $30. @#[email protected] #$ ^$!( WHAT! $1682-$45. These people are incredible. In case you guys/gals have to deal with them, the phone number to TEAM HEALTH is 888.952.6772. That one usually tells you they are too busy for you, if that happens call 800.342.2898 and ask for billing. Its a back door. I only leave these phone numbers because I know Team Health/HRRG are affiliated. Thanks, have a better day you guys!


    medical coding <-- a good read. Docs using services like HRRG typically inflate rates.

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  • Qu
    quirkytraveler Oct 26, 2015

    I too am in the process of being royally screwed by HRRG. They are shady misleading detestable group of people.

    Was sent a bill for the ER which I paid the hospital, then months later, having moved across the country, I received an $1, 100 bill from HRRG.

    Waited in the ER for seven hours to receive three stitches- received no medicine or 'special' treatment of any kind.
    If I knew I was going to be paying $2, 000 for three stitches-ruining my night, my budget, and my next day at work, I would have glued my thumb back together.

    I'm too busy to go in to full detail, but I needed to let you all know I DETEST HRRG AND BELIEVE THEY ARE FILTHY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.
    Now I need a drink to calm down.

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  • Mi
    Michael1387 Oct 27, 2015

    I waited over a year to pay them. They called that day trying to get the 1600 from me and i told them I would investigate. They are a non-reporting collection agency, you have to find out who it is that you owe. Mine was something like physicians services baton rouge or something. pressure them and they will tell you. Then find a phone number and call their office. Give them your insurance information. Then Call HRRG back and tell them you made contact and to give the insurance a chance to pay the company directly. My bill went from $1600 to $50. If I would have paid them that day I would have never gotten my money back. NOT EVER. Anyway I am in a hurry but I wanted to respond to your response so you did not do the wrong thing. Just hang up the phone, They are paid to insult you over and over. have a plan and keep at it. It took me a year for the thing to be over. I take my aggression out any time I am at an ER. I ask them over and over if they have my information. tell them this story ask them how that would feel if it happened to them, then quadruple check. ***** HRRG. hell yea

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  • Li
    liz_r09 May 10, 2016

    I have been receiving calls from HRRG since early February 2016. They claim that I owe $773.40. On the back of the bill I received, it says to write them a letter if you feel you have received the bill in error, so I did. I sent them a long detailed letter along with proof backing my reasoning. They still failed to acknowledge my letter and continue to harass me with phone calls.
    When I first tried calling them about the error, I asked "Shirley" to send an itemized statement because I wanted to know how I owed $773.40. She explained to me that they do not send itemized statements because the doctors charge by their "expertise and time". That's when I knew that this was bogus. When "Shirley" attempted to verify my account, I discovered that the only correct information they had was my mailing address and phone number. The social security number on the account belonged to someone else!!! She gave me the full social security number that was not mine!!! That was the second red flag.
    I guess I should send a second letter explaining that I am getting the bill as an error. If they fail to acknowledge it afterwards and continue to send letters and call me, I will look into suing them.

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  • Jo
    John Cutright May 24, 2016

    This is the most disgraceful and unscrupulous company I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. My Daughter got hurt on the Job, this was a workman’s comp claim. Somehow this did not get paid and these idiots got the bill. We worked with them for months to get this taken care of. At one point they told us that they had a letter from the workman’s comp company and that we would be required to pay the amount even though no such letter was sent and the bill had been paid. They are dishonest and use unfair and misleading statements to get money they are not even entitled to. They should be investigate for fraud and closed down.

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  • RJ-01-CDG-6-15-2016
    This is to file my complaint and grievances concerning Series of PHONE calls from HRRG Collection Agency Phone Number (800) 984-9115. They are really making up bogus or Fraud collection loans. They MUST be injunction along with the company they are representing.
    Posted by:

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  • Gg
    gg1951 Jul 08, 2016

    I just received a collection bill for my father, July 8, 2016. In the first line of the letter it states that they have not received "his" promised payment. It went on to say that he should remit $25 immediately to avoid accelerated collection. The information list shows 15 charges each for $22.27. This amount was billed from 3/15 - 12/15. I have handled my mother & father's finances for over five years. Both are in assisted living. My dad had a cognitive stroke in 2013 so he would be unable to agree to anything. I am his DPOA and agent for Social Security. As far as I am concerned, this is a scam. I am doing further checking, but do not pay their bills!

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  • Me
    mel2u73 Jul 19, 2016

    They (HHR) are now calling my wife for some doctor bill ( no details as to amount or doctor)and asking her to pay by credit card over the phone. I tell her never pay anyone over the phone and tell them I will check into it and call them back. I will be writing to our commissioner of insurance and banking in NJ to explain situation to them. They were very helpful when I had to battle BC & BS of NJ over bills. What took over six months with BC was settled in 10 days after they received letter from commissioner's office. So my suggestion is to write to your state division that would cover health insurance and give them as many details as possible and next time these people call tell them you are reporting them to your state division, then see what they say.

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  • Br
    Brian McNail Oct 06, 2016

    Get nearly weekly calls from different phone numbers but always same person (aren't autodiallers against FCC and FTC rules?) wanting me to give them my ssn dob and other information but won't tell me why they are calling until I give them this information. They get mad when I tell them no because I don't give out this information on non solicited phone calls. Most of the time they yell and scream and tell me I owe them money, but won't send a bill because they are not required to send a bill.

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  • St
    Steven Poole Mar 03, 2017

    I received only one nasty call from HRRG demanding payment of $23.00 collecting for NorthWest Emergency Group. I was a senior collector for a few years and never once did I degrade, use abusive words nor raise my voice to anyone. However, I am very Familiar with rules and regulations that govern collection representatives and the companies they work for by the FDCPA. Everyone should research on the internet just what those rules and regulations are because HRRG breaks quite a few if not all. When you get a call from them ask if you are on a recorded call. At that point tell them to " CEASE and DESIST " They must flag what ever account they say you have as a do not call, refusal to pay and throw the account out of the dialer que and into a dead file. After that they are not to call you, contact you by mail, question family members or neighbors, friends, etc. HRRG will tell you that the request has to be in writing... The FDCPA say no. All you have to do is tell whom ever is calling on a recorded line and that is all the notification you need to give.. Hope this helps.

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  • Ik
    Iknowmorethanu Jun 03, 2017

    it's not bogus I looked into it my insurance looked into it and my lawyer looked into it. It's real and yes you owe money and yes er visits are...expensive! That's why you don't go to the wrong unless it's an emergency such as heart attack stroke gunshot wound. If you go to the wrong without the "e" part, of course they are not going to do much because well... there's nothing to do it's not an emergency. Yes u owe it wait too long and it'll mess your credit.

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  • Wo
    Wooleyes Nov 11, 2019

    @Iknowmorethanu Douche

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    This "Outfit" is very bad news & nothing about them is professional. Just the opposite! They continue to call my Austin, Texas cell phone number constantly. I have stated before I have NO medical debt that would have to do with "Healthcare Recovery Group" OR parent company "Team Health". As stated before by others, calling them to remove your phone number can only escalate their harassing NON STOP ROBO CALLS!

    I have no clue as to WHY they selected MY NUMBER to constantly cause me such annoyance. Sadly, legal action is probably what I need to do. Frankly this route is also time consuming on my part. I simply want them to leave me alone. If anyone on this forum has a simple way to stop their telephone harassment, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. This "Outfit" sounds they use bully tactics to get money as they are a "Collection Agency". Many of these places employ bullies to make their profit legit OR bogus. With me it's FALSE AND BOGUS.

    I do not want to make a bad situation worse than it is already, yet this has got to stop. Why it suddenly started is a mystery to me. They are going after someone who owes NOTHING. That sadly is ME!

    Again, I am documenting every call, date & time they are sending these automated voice messages. Maybe they read these posts & realize their practices are harming innocent people. Doubtful though.

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  • Jt
    JT Thomp Apr 18, 2020

    I visited the ER at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Oklahoma City due to a work related back injury. I have a trapped nerve and both times that I visited I had lost complete feeling in my left leg. There was an issue with billing and they billed my insurance which was denied because its federal worker’s comp. HHRG have called me several times. I spoke with one rep and she said she noted the account and told me to reach out to worker’s comp to tell them of the bills. However, the hospital had already corrected the mistake and the bills were paid in full by the department of labor. I received several calls that I ignored and I finally answered and the lady was extremely rude. She even hung the phone up on me. HHRG claims I owe them more than $1000. I recorded the call and told them to cease and desist. I also sent a letter by certified mail. They still continue to call. I filed in small claims court for $10, 000 for harassment and the phone calls. I was supposed to go on April 9th but because of COVID-19 its has been postponed. If you are or have had this or similar issues please seek legal action. It’s the only way they will learn.

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