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false billing

I had a blood test done in New York in 2016. The bill was paid by Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal yet Retrieval's subsidiary billed me again as if the bill hadn't been paid. This is a dishonest business practice.
In addition, American Medical Collections had a massive data security breach which caused thousands of cases of identity theft because people's Social Security Numbers were compromised.
The Court should not allow this parent company to come out of bankruptcy or survive.

fraudulent collections attempts

A friend of mine texted me a photo of a piece of mail with my name and her address from this company. My name was misspelled by one letter, and even more strange is that she and I have never shared a residence, credit card, or anything that could possibly link us together. She said "at least it came to someone who knows you so I can get it to you", and that is very disturbing to me. They clearly intended for my friend to pass along the letter to me. Their methods for identifying us as connected and getting her address however are a complete mystery. Probably social media data which neither of us consented to being provided to this company. So, not only is it a fraudulent collections agency, but they are also operating through use of data/information which was stolen or sold without consent or knowledge, and are even more unethical. Furthermore, I pay all my bills on time, have excellent credit, and have had multiple addresses which they could have used to contact me directly, so I know for a fact that I don't owe anyone money and even if I did they wouldn't have to gi looking through my friends list to get to me. This company is definitely a scam agency. Don't give them any of your info.

unethical behavior

They sent me a collection bill for EZ Pass for 5 charges of $54.75 each and they say my amount due is $4...

past monies owed

The form I received was very official looking. There were a couple of things that read/looked fishy. One wa...

heartwarming books (harlequin reader service)

My mother 88 years old has received a letter from this company stating her account has been turned over to this company, in fact they were very rude stating she should be ashamed of herself for not paying this debt??? My mother has early signs of dementia and has always paid her bills, she now lives with my sister and is unable to live alone, I am her POA and in charge of her financial matters, she doesn't remember ordering or receiving any products. I will not pay for something she doesn't have, and to threaten an elderly, widowed woman with failing health is dirty and unprofessional.

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I made the payment already

I receive several bill from rodale something I never order each month receive a bill for 37.70 so finally I...

Debt collector for medical bills

I just received my 14th call from [protected] in the last month alone (.. Harassing, yeah?). I answered one morning before on March 9, 2016 and a woman with a thick Indian accent says she has a bill from Quest Lab for $37.00 due, and I said I didn't have any time, and no bills due form Quest, so I told her I would call her back (not).
Finally this morning I answered again. Same woman with thick Indian accent says she's from RMCB with a different medical bill overdue, from a different company. She said $170 was due, but she could get it down to $120 have it expunged from my record. And then she offered, and asked what the maximum I could pay was. To keep her on the phone, I was bargaining and said $90. That is the lowest. This goes on for a little bit and she even tried to say $90.33. I said no. Finally she's like "ok. $90 I'm putting my job on the line. I have an axe at my feet, and why would I put my job on the line for you?? Because I am a real person. We need this money by the 25th. If you decide to hang up you will not get the same offer."
In all honesty, I was keeping her on the phone to look more information up online about RMCB, to see if there was a number to call them back at. There wasn't. I found this site with complaints, as well as I believe? Talked about the exact same thing in the past month three people on March 1st reported calls about medical bills due, same woman with thick Indian accent.
She insisted on getting a CC before giving any information about what bill it was, invoice number, NOTHING. She said she would proceed to send email of debt expunged after she received payment.
She told me basic information about that anyone (even myself, a few months back) can find on Google about myself. She tried to back me into a corner. And continued to harass and cut me off, talk over me. I told her to give me verifying information about her company, and phone number For me to call her back on. She refused, and kept asking for CC.
I told her to send me a bill via postal and I'll look it over w/lawyer and she refused. Said only when cc was processed.
Persistent, borderline harassing and guilt-tripping. But I need for these harassing phone calls to stop. I have lately been suffering from severe migraines and she calls right when I'm trying to rest my eyes between work and certain medical treatment. It needs to stop. I just hope this helps someone else not give their credit card information without verification of actual services rendered first. Will be contacting BBB.

  • Qu
    Quinones B Juan May 31, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are gay [censored]. scam artists.

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Bill does not exist

In April I received a bill from AVIS car rental. I called Avis and told them that I never rented to car and the agent was quick to assure me and tell me that the issue would be handled in a timely manner. In Sept of 2010 I received a letter from RMCB stated that Avis had sent my file for collection. After spending many hours on the phone with AVIS and them being unable to find my bill, I contacted RMCB directly with the number listed on the bill and I was hung up on after I accused the company of being a scam because I googled them. When I called called RMCB back and spoke to what they called a supervisor I told her that I would be sending a letter from my lawyer demanding that they stop contacting me. She said its not our fault we are contacting you talk to AVIS when I stated that I already had called them and they could not find a record she said they would stop the annoying letters and calls. It it not a requirement that if you file a dispute with a collection agency that they have to provide you with the current information of who is attempting to collect the debt? This people did not even do that. I am reporting them

I have never rented a car from AVIS and this is what helped me recognize that something was amiss. PLEASE PLEASE do not pay this agency.

Cooking Club of America

To whom it may concern, I have read several other postings on the website about Cooking Club of America and...

Moscow Mills Collections Agencies

Scam collection agency

They wrote to me that I owed over $200 from 2004 for a phone number I have never owed. They stated that I...

Resolved Highlights for Children Subscription

I received a letter dated April 4, 2009 from RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc) Collection Agency...

Bogus Wireless Phone No. charges

I also rec'd a letter from RMCB (Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau) stating I had a Verizon Wirele...

Collection notice for magazine never ordered

I have started receiving collection notices for Highlights for Children which I never ordered! I see other...

Resolved Scam mail

I just received a letter stating that I owe $19.94 for a product that I have never ordered or received. The...

This so-called collections company is a rip-off

It is a rip-off, I swear that they are run by scam artists. I started recieving their 'bills' AFTER I started making payments to the creditor that I owe. I sent in a letter to the RMCB and stated it was resolved. Now i keep on getting bills, first saying that I was lucky that the creditor has granted the authority to extend the deadline. Then they keep getting nastier as teh bills come in. Never paying attention to detail, or that it has been resolved with out the RMCB.

Stay away from this company, if you are a business, never contact them, they rip people off and are pros at it. This is a Scam and a bait and switch. It has to be, because i was already in contact with my creditor about payments and delaying them. ie - I had already set up a schedule with them.

I'm figuring that This company somehow gets information from whatever sources they have, internet, snail mail, phishing the phone lines, hacking emails whatever. I wouldnt put it past them. They will get their money no matter what. If you already paid the creditor or not, they will get THEIR money. They dont care!



  • La
    Larryboy Oct 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yea, they did the same to me, You know what they do right, they let you call the automated service and let you enter the pin on the letter, which lets them know who you are. Afterwards you get a message saying that their service is temporarily unavailable, then it asks you if you want to wait for a customer rep, which never comes in, so you've been waiting the whole time for nothing, and now they know you want to contact them regarding your debt because you entered your pin which gives you away, and now they will push forward and send you even more bills by mail. "SCAM ARTIST".

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  • Re
    Rebekah Byerly Dec 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a letter from these people too saying that I owed 33.90 for an account I had with Jamestown Stamp Co. The company send collecting stamps and let you view and decide if you want to purchase them. Granted that it was a little while before I sent them back and maybe a little over the time I had to send them back because I forgot where I put them but I DID send time back. So I shouldn't no owe ANYTHING. After reading these comments I am thinking that they are a ripoff company too but I am going to call the stamp company and figure out whats going on.

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Deceptive business practices!

Re: Today (05/21/2007) we received a letter from a collection agency that responds to the name of "RMCB"...

Harass and scam money from people!

I was sent to this company for non-payment of books I did not receive by Scholastics, Inc.

I mailed a check because I could not prove I did not receive these books, and decided just to pay for them instead. After two weeks when my check had not cleared, I called RICA to inquire why and let them know the check had been mailed.

The "Customer Service" woman told me that "the mail is slow, so give it a couple more weeks."
Today, 2 weeks later, I received a threatening letter stating "Since we have not received payment and you have not contacted us"...."we are going to escalate collection efforts"..."unless you pay promptly."

This is undoubtedly the most unprofessional business I have ever had the displeasure of being associated with. You cannot speak to a person when you call. You only get a voice message that says your bill is still due. I think this is a backdoor business run by the crudest kind of scam artist there is.

I have spoken to Scholastics, and they have notations where I have called them and spoken to them numerous times in the last month. I will be paying them, but now have to spend the money to stop payment on my original check.

PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS SO CALLED "COMPANY". Contact your local Atty. General, BBB and FCC and lodge complaints until they are put out of business and not allowed to harass and scam money from people!!!

  • Ka
    Kathleen A Landon Dec 03, 2009

    I'm Being Harass By RMCB. They Want There Money That I Owe Them. I Left Them Know Before 30 Day's. And I Don't Owe Them $ 51.40. I Told Them With In The Time Frame That They Wanted Me To Tell Them? Now? I Want Them To Let Me A Lone. Or I Will Call The State Police On Them For Taking Me?

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  • Ka
    Kathleen A Landon Dec 03, 2009

    I Have The RMCB Want There Money. I Left Them Know In The 30 Day's. They Said We Want You To Try It. I Said NO?? But They Still Went Ahead And Pushed The Mazgines At Me. And Now They Want Me To Pay For Something That I Don't Want. Or I Should Pay For. I Given Them Time To Cancel Me Out Of The Subscription's. But They Were Pushing The Mazgines At Me. If They Don't Stop? I Will Get The State Police. And Report Them For Stilling Money From My Account's. That Is Frud. And I Will Report That.

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  • Br
    Broghin Apr 19, 2010

    RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.) sent me a collections letter stating that I would have to pay $ 32.39 because of publications I received from PUZZLEMANIA. This is absolute fraud because I NEVER received any such publication NOR did I order such, at any time.

    I refuse to pay because this is an act of deliberate malice.

    Anyways, I phoned Leona on April 19/2010 @ 1:45 p.m. and she told me she would send the collection notice back to the company and would close the account, which I hope she did.

    NOW THE MAIN QUESTION IS, "how is the US/Canada government dealing with such fraudsters and crooks"; how do these agencompanies get their licences to operate (and this is an INCORPORATION. These are blatant criminals who are deliberate in targeting innocent civilians and other organizations.

    Can justice be served in such circumstances.

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  • Sc
    Scott Brandon Aug 26, 2010

    I Never ordered Rack & Gun Hunter Magazine. would please if u would either sent i
    t or quit billing me.

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  • Sc
    Scott Brandon Aug 26, 2010

    [censor] YOU

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  • Sc
    Scott Brandon Aug 26, 2010

    Its all a rip off you get billed for some thing u never get

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Cannot reach them by phone

I just received an invoice in the amount of $286.00 for a life time membership with Creative Home Arts Club...