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H&R Block and HSBC
1st they charged over $200 for a very simple tax return, 2nd HSBC charges very high fees for the RAL loan that if you get turned down they drop a little off the RAL fees but still charge a lot for nothing, because when you get turned down they don't give you anymoney till the IRS pays them so there giving you a risk free deal for them, and still charging the hell out of you, they don't give you anymoney till they get it from the IRS so I don't understand why there charging so much.
It's is in there best intrest to turn you down on the RAL loan because they make almost the same amount in fees and don't have to give a dime till there IRS pays the money first, what a total scam.
Best way to do your taxes is go to the irs website and they list plenty of tax prepairs that will do your IRS taxes for free if you make $60, 000 or less then the stae cost around $10 to $15 dallors thats not to bad but they all have different prices, have your refunds direct deposited right in your checking account they are much faster now most time not even 10 days say 7 to 10 days thats not to bad.
Hope this helps you Lee of Hayward, CA

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  • Ta
      21st of Mar, 2010


    1st If H&R Block charged you over $200 for a simple return as you say, then the question I have for you is why didn't you do your own taxes to begin with? Hmm, perhaps you didn't know how to prepare the return yourself.

    2nd: When you couldn't afford to pay for preparation, you decided to get HSBC involved by asking for a loan to cover the tax prep fees. When the loan was denied, did you go in and pay your tax preparer? No! You were told the RAL loan would covert to the RAC and you still were not required to pay. Instead you simply had to wait till the IRS forwarded the refund. Bottom line: It was your tax return that was filed and YOU didn't have to give up a dime in advance. That sounds like a pretty good deal. If you want a better deal, I suggest you learn how to prepare your own return.

    Hope this helps.

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